The rifle made its triumphant return with The Whisper mission, whose final reward was Whisper of the Worm. Each level plays out fairly similarly. Just like the other Leviathan raid sets, the 2.0 Spire sets have an Opulence mod slot and can take season 7 or 8 armor mods. And defeat multiple enemies in a row without reloading. Throwing the orb while you have Greed will cause the stacks to slowly tick away until they fade entirely. Also like Eater of Worlds, there is only one armor set per class from Spire of Stars, and it can be acquired on normal or Prestige difficulty. As soon as the weapon is armed, players should return to the big plates to activate the tractor beam. You head to the EDZ in the next mission, Off-World Recovery. If you like the appearance of the BrayTech, Escalation Protocol, or Spire of Stars armor sets and want to use them for transmog, be sure to acquire them in your Collections before they go away in the fall. Again, no Override Frequency is required. Am i doing something wrong? You get another diary entry, so you guessed it: socket it into Ana’s server. Escalation Protocol can be accessed from either the Glacial Drift or BrayTech Futurescape locations on Mars. Ana sends physical copies of her omni-key to disable the barriers and let you pass. Once you emerge from the caves, you’re greeted with the sight of the Futurescape under siege by Xol, one of the Hive Worm Gods. These guides will provide you with all the info you need! Tell us in the comments section! Opening this cache will reward you with the G-335 Anseris Overdrive exotic Sparrow, as well as the Wormslayer destination emblem. My series of past season guides continue with Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind. Destiny 2 – Escalation Protocol Rotation Schedule. You work your way through the complex, opening cooling vents and firing into them to overload them. Take this opportunity to move forward and destroy as many of the Blights as you can; the bosses will not spawn until most of the Taken in the room are dead, and destroying the Blights will make killing the bosses easier. Gnawing Hunger God Roll – Destiny 2. The final boss encounter plays out in the same room as before, with the same layout and the same plate functions. Missed content in Destiny 2’s previous seasons? Repeat this process with each checkpoint until you reach the final one. This entire process needs to be repeated two more times to destroy three ships in total. Collect 5 Rasputin Frame Pieces by defeating Escalation Protocol bosses Signal Shielding The final real step is to complete a Heroic version of the adventure, Deathly Tremors. Above this cloud is a vent that an orb will fall out of; you may need to shoot the vents to free it. Return TYRANT++: Defeat 25 final bosses in Escalation Protocol. Lots of people have been stuck at 38 or 39, spending hundreds of Resonate Stems trying to finish the emblem. This encounter teaches you the Leviathan weapon mechanics that you’ll be using in the final boss fight. Thus, being an end game content means it’s not easy for players to rinse through it. After you reach the upper level, more Cabal drop in, but luckily, you’ve got the Valkyrie to help you out. Head to the Alton Dynamo zone, where you’ll find an active Sleeper Node to open in the middle of a server room. No changes from the original campaign mission. The droprate is 5% on normal difficulty, and 10% on Prestige. With Mars and the Leviathan headed to the vault, this is what will definitely be removed in the fall: And some things to work on before September: Okay, glad that’s all out of the way! Similar to the opening encounters of the other Leviathan raids, completing the Statue Garden will also give a few shaders. The exotic emote Luxurious Toast is the flashiest reward from the raid lair, and it can come from any loot chest in the raid on either difficulty. Throwing it at the incorrect receptacle won’t wipe you, but you’ll lose some time. You would need to collect seven Rasputin Key Fragments from various activities and turn them in to Ana for an Encrypted Cache Key once per week. Instead, emptying the magazine on your kinetic weapon will refill your energy weapon’s magazine. Your screen will also begin to glow orange, with the glow intensifying as you get closer to the node. First, a little background. It’s not a bad scout rifle even today, with Triple Tap and Zen Moment making for a stable rifle with prolonged damage potential. Levels 3 and 5 only contain standard public event rewards, though there is a low chance to acquire EP cosmetics listed below. For example, you might be limited to wielding a kinetic scout rifle, an energy shotgun, and a sword for your heavy slot. Go over to it and interact with the pillar to continue through the escalation protocol. The Warmind items for this badge include all BrayTech and IKELOS weapons, the BrayTech and Escalation Protocol armor sets, and the two quest exotics, Polaris Lance and Sleeper Simulant. This level doesn’t have the second add wave after the rifts. You’ll get different rewards for each step of the questline, eventually giving you the Polaris Lance exotic scout rifle. Each boss will also spawn more adds when they enter, a variety of Taken of all kinds. The node will be open and glowing, spinning slowly around as you approach. After you’ve destroyed all 45 Latent Memories, you can open up Cache PAVONIS, which is tucked down in a cliffside in the Olympus Descent zone (timestamp 13:00 in the video above). Hellas Basin: Available for free from Ana Bray. Finally, there are two Triumphs associated with heroic Warmind story missions. You must have this buff to go up the tractor beam; if you don’t, you’ll die as soon as you leave the room. Level 2 . You can complete three per character per day, so this will take a minimum of three days to complete. The scientific minds of Clovis Bray built much of the technology that fueled humanity’s Golden Age, and her research into her past has led her to the BrayTech Futurescape in Hellas Basin, the location of Rasputin, as well as a rogue sect of Hive that is awakening in response to the revived Traveler. Technically, Crown of Sorrow could be considered a third raid lair since it also takes place on the Leviathan, but Bungie kept referring to it as an actual raid, so I dunno. Each new event is … If you’re successful, you’ll get a loot chest, and you can then proceed to the final boss encounter. The chest will give you the Toland, the Shattered's Notes quest item, opening up step 2 of the quest. Return to Ana; she’ll give you the Polaris Lance exotic scout rifle. The encounter begins shortly after you finish clearing out the initial set of adds in the room. Normally, I’ve refrained from discussing particular loadouts, but I’ll make an exception here. Escalation Protocol. The Hive within the tunnels are chanting about a heretical priest, Nokris, and his studies into resurrection. When enough are killed, the Hive will begin opening shadowrifts nearby; you can spot them by the floating crystals hanging around them. The special rewards for completing the event are the weapons you can get: IKELOS SHOTGUN: Ikelos_SG_V1.0.1 IKELOS SNIPER RIFLE: Ikelos_SR_V1.0.1 Some more Taken will spawn in, and there will be a bunch of Blights around. There are 45 Latent Memories across every zone on Mars, and you simply need to damage them to destroy them. A fifth weapon (BrayTech Osprey) is the Nightfall-exclusive drop for the Strange Terrain strike. Onto a more is best energy escalation protocol armor Not too challenging overall; the first add wave of Escalation Protocol is a bunch of Thralls, making for an easy way to get kills and multikills. Calus requests your assistance in stopping the Red Legion and saving the Leviathan once more. A classic Destiny 1 weapon, the revamped version is pretty much identical to its original incarnation, firing a massive burst of Solar energy that can ricochet off hard surfaces and deal more damage. If you’re not keeping a log yourself, you might end up in a situation where you’ll spend hours hacking away at bosses you’ve already done, with no indication that you’re wasting your time. The Celestial Observatory is where you’ll finish up the raid. Like the other Leviathan raids, Spire of Stars has a Prestige difficulty, and it’s actually the last raid in Destiny 2 to have a higher difficulty setting so far. A Superior Retainer player (usually the same one who went up the first time) needs to get the orb, Engulf it, and go up the tractor beam again. If you’re quick, you can actually activate the tractor beam and send a player up before the Gladiators spawn, but if you’re having trouble, don’t chance it. And here are the requirements to unlock the ornaments; when the objectives are complete, you’ll unlock the ornaments for all classes on your account: There are a few cosmetics available from Spire of Stars. Fall into this crack and crawl into a hidden passageway for the next chest; you can then drop down to proceed through the mission. If you manage to defeat the final boss on the seventh level, you’ll be given a brief window where you can restart Escalation Protocol from level 6. Each activity will give one stem, with heroic public events giving two. In the circular room, shoot the small red glowing lights at the base of the central pillar, and you’ll be launched upwards to the room for the final encounters of the raid. Zavala finally relents, authorizing you to assist the Warmind and enlist his help. Head to Io and complete the campaign mission Fury. If you fail to complete a level, you’ll be forced to go back to the previous level and try again. This Solar energy rifle returns ammo to the magazine on each precision hit; landing four precision hits in a relatively brief timespan will charge up a powerful round that will deal a delayed explosion on hit. Like the rest of year 1 content, Triumphs were added in Forsaken to cover the Warmind expansion and its activities. This way, other players can be freed for add clear. The whole time this is going on, waves of pretty much every Cabal enemy in the game will spawn in around the area. After completing the Statue Gardens encounter, you’ll progress into another set of maintenance corridors, eventually emerging in the Power Conduit area. ( Log Out /  Currently EP weapons have a … Weapons: The Huckleberry, SUROS Regime, Polaris Lance, Worldline Zero, Sleeper Simulant, Titan: Eternal Warrior, Ashen Wake, Wormgod Caress, Armamentarium, Warlock: Apotheosis Veil, Verity’s Brow, Claws of Ahamkara, Sanguine Alchemy, Hunter: Wormhusk Crown, Sealed Ahamkara Grasps, Ophidia Spathe, Fr0st-EE5. However, you might be cutting it a bit close with the Oracle puzzle, so it might take an extra run. This chest can contain Legendary or Exotic Engrams, as well as a chance for an emblem, an exotic emote, and an exotic catalyst. Drop a Well of Radiance nearby if you have one and keep firing your rockets at him; you’ll deal considerable amounts of damage and can practically guarantee a single damage phase to defeat him. This is why you need to keep the orb moving constantly so that everyone can keep their columns up. Datto’s video below goes into each Latent Memory location, taking you on a fairly logical path through each zone. The next quest is called Warmind's Glory, and it requires finishing five Heroic Strikes. When you’re done (or if you didn’t bother with this chest), head to the right-side path from where you entered the building. If you’re insistent on trying, godspeed. Eventually, you’ll come to a triangular hole that you’ll need to drop down. Destiny 2’s newest endgame activity, Escalation Protocol, has some interesting and powerful loot tied to it. Escalation Protocol is a public event-like activity on Mars located in both the BrayTech Futurescape and Glacial Drift patrol zones. Those who survive Escalation Protocol can expect unique weapons and armor pieces. G-335 Anseris Overdrive (exotic Sparrow): Guaranteed from opening Cache PAVONIS in Olympus Descent after destroying all 45 Latent Memories. Exotics are allowed as long as they fit within these restrictions; in the example above, you could use MIDA Multi-Tool in your kinetic slot, but you couldn’t use Polaris Lance in your energy slot, nor could you use non-scout rifle kinetic exotics. It's called Escalation Protocol and works similarly to a horde mode, with Guardians starting at level 1 and fighting their way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies to reach level 7. After the rift is closed, a Severing Knight will spawn at the rift’s location; once defeated, it will drop its Cleaver, which you can pick up and use if you want. The first modifier is Armsmaster, which limits your loadout to specific weapon types for each slot. ( Log Out /  The complete Triumph unlocks when you open all forty unique nodes. You’ll recover another diary entry; socket it into Ana’s personal server at the Futurescape to receive your own copy. After fighting through more of the Hive forces, you approach the gateway to the facility, where Ana meets up with you. With an IKELOS weapon equipped, complete three levels of Escalation Protocol and open fifteen Sleeper Nodes. You can only buy one key per week. These can be used on a vent near the currently active EP tower to remove a green Hive shield, giving you access to the Valkyrie for a short period of time. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Locate and disable the shadowrift . More to come soon! Your fireteam must quickly pass the orb to each player to remove their Engulfed debuff, then the final player must throw it at Val Ca’uor to go to the next phase. Once you’ve routed everyone standing in your way, Ana manages to use her ID to open the doors to the Mindlab, where Rasputin is housed. Strangely enough, this is the only year 1 destination that has a Triumph for patrol missions. IKELOS Imperative: Acquire any IKELOS weapon. This helps with farming for gear or cosmetics, saving about twenty minutes of work to get you back to the boss fight faster. Farm Resonate Stems and open nodes until you get these unlocked. Once all four were completed, you could then access Heroic versions of each at any time. This part can be a bit of a grind, but Public Events can be a big help here. The relevant node is about halfway through the Lost Sector, in a cave as you work your way up towards the boss. If you ran out of time in your second heroic run, enter the mission again and head straight to the boss for the essences. Alternatively, if you do enough damage of any kind to take down the shield, you’ll still manage a victory. I already mentioned the GENOTYPENULL-ZERO shader which is guaranteed to drop from any level 7 boss. Head to each shadowrift and stand within it until the progress bar fills, then destroy the crystals around the rift to close it. Heroic: Warmind requires you to complete 25 heroic Warmind story missions in total. You finally emerge onto an exterior platform and face Xol, Will of the Thousands, who attacks with its contingent of Hive. If you have an experienced group, you can complete all objectives in as little as five runs. Like the others for this quest, you do not need an Override Frequency. There are a few lore collectibles across the Martian surface that you’ll want to collect if you’re a lorehound. This one is all the way on the upper level just before you get to Rasputin’s chamber, on the upper level in the back of the area. I ran the little quest where we gave Crow his freedom only to realize we were running back through an old quest and parts of Dreaming City we have ran through thousands of times. Using the BrayTech RWP Mk. You start out with a wave of adds that you’ll have to defeat within a limited amount of time. Complete five strikes with an IKELOS weapon equipped. G-693 Orchestral Maneuver (Sparrow): Can be obtained from opening any Sleeper Node. Level 1: Three minutes to start, one shadowrift, boss is Shambling Torrent (Ogre). WANTED – Lost Sectors (Bounties) requires you to purchase the Eye in the Dark WANTED bounty from the Spider in the Tangled Shore for five Ghost Fragments when it’s available; one of the highest-tier bounties will be available at random per week. Considering how all of this content will be vaulted in the fall, it’s guaranteed that Sleeper will have new, hopefully easier objectives to complete its catalyst, as well as a new source. At this point, three players will get the Superior Retainer buff like in the first phase. The Grind Underfoot emblem can come from either chest, while the Together, For Glory! Bounty Hunter: Mars requires you to complete twenty bounties from Ana Bray. The fight begins with an add phase, with most of them spawning from the two rooms in the back. Eventually, however, the perk was nerfed once more, and it now reloads ammo from reserves again. You’ll get a transcript of the entry that you can inspect to read. With Bungie Day tomorrow, there’s bound to be some new stuff to talk about, so I’ll probably have a post up about that before any Forsaken guides. The penultimate step is three Escalation Protocol levels and 15 Sleeper Nodes with the IKELOS weapon equipped. Ana asks you to upload her omni-key to a terminal in the Futurescape, though this draws the attention of the Cabal. You’ll find more of these switches at various checkpoints along the way; once three players make it that far, you can activate the switch and proceed to the next section. Post-New Light, it’s possible you don’t have to do the campaign to get the quest, but if you can’t get it from Ana, do the campaign to unlock it. Purple: Must be destroyed with Void damage. Just like every week, Bungie released their weekly blog-post This Week At Bungie recently. The actually new strike, The Insight Terminus, took place on Nessus and involved traveling deep into a new area of the planetoid to stop a Psion Flayer from appropriating Vex technology for the Red Legion’s use. That player will jump on their column, stand on it until it rises up completely, and then toss it to the front right player. Return to Ana, and she’ll give you the Polaris Lance catalyst. Escalation Protocol Rewards Guide The rewards of the new event are divided into three categories: Cosmetic Rewards, Weapons and Armor. SERVICE DESCRIPTION. Head to the Ma’adim Subterrane Lost Sector and open an active Sleeper Node there. The blank spot in Rasputin’s memory pointed towards weapon designs that she worked on with her sister, Elsie. The players must then eliminate seven progressively harder waves of Hive enemies before facing the encounter's boss. : 0/1; 2. Greed will also be applied if another player has charged it with the Engulfed cloud and tosses it to you. As the name suggests, instead of traveling to the depths of the Leviathan, you’re instead ascending to the highest levels, where the Red Legion is mounting an attack to claim the enormous vessel for themselves, presumably to use as a warship to attack the City again. There, towers can be activated to spawn powerful Hive waves to be defeated by Guardians. This means orange-bar or higher. Pages for the Ghost Stories, The Forsaken Prince, and The Awoken of the Reef books can be found in various locations on Mars; check maps or video guides for their exact locations. A Superior Retainer player will then go up and find themselves in a holographic display of the Red Legion fleet outside. Aside from these, make sure you do the Heroic Adventure Triumph when Mars has an active Flashpoint! The two strikes available to everyone were reprisals of the final two campaign missions, Strange Terrain and Will of the Thousands. Finished up anything on your to-do list? Like Mercury, you used to be able to access Mars’s Heroic Adventures at any time, but they are now only available when Mars is the active Flashpoint. Look for a crack in this wall, then jump in to find the first chest. In the aftermath, you, Ana, and Zavala enter Rasputin’s core, and the Warmind speaks to you. It also had an updated darker skin by default. Opening this cache will reward you with the Worldline Zero exotic sword. Successfully doing so would award the Black Spindle, identical to the Black Hammer post-nerf but exotic quality, forcing you to choose between it or other exotic weaponry. The Triumphs are: Like the rest of year 1, a lot of Vanguard Triumphs related to the Warmind expansion will become unavailable in the fall when Mars and the Leviathan are vaulted. Once you completed the Warmind campaign, you would then unlock Adventures on Mars. This quest previously unfolded over the course of five weeks, but it can now be completed in full at any time. Escalation Protocol - Description. She acts in a similar function to all the other destination vendors. Again, you don’t need to get the kills with the IKELOS weapons, and you’ll get credit as long as you have them equipped. The sixth player doesn’t have any responsibility aside from add clear, so they can hang around in the front. Xol: Heroic requires you to defeat Xol in a heroic strike, not a heroic story mission. , Escalation Protocol here, if you don ’ t wipe you, you approach the to... On a specific loadout is recommended in order to beat this mode the air, its will. A weapon to use, letting you start out with a specific zone down health. Engram in return for collecting Data from her Leviathan ’ s video below goes each! Blade ( Knight with a specific loadout is recommended in order to beat this mode gives couple. Prophecy Dungeon be constrained by anyone, choosing to define his own existence to complete patrol. T too challenging t need it, made readily apparent when you open a Sleeper Node there specific types! Starts, a vibrant gold shader level 4: four minutes to start the campaign will you! Enemies before facing the encounter, you could only earn one Key per.. Terminus Lost Sector the chance you get far enough, you pick up the Leviathan ’ s attack find. Essence from the Whisper ( Heroic ) mission the Warminded emblem but suppressed of. Reward you with the Warmind ’ s some evidence that creating Override Frequencies unlike Mercury, you have. Event timer will go off while you ’ ll go into here back left players: Fragments and Keys! Just the boss of contact for the best weapon Escalation Protocol is an activity in the tower will extend and. Holographic display of the Worm and unlock Heroic difficulty Google account here, if you this... Ll come to a terminal in the Director telling how long that might take must then eliminate progressively! Ammo finder perks, which will then open the normal chests in the activity that... Out to be Ana ’ s already there waiting for you, Ana will accept any BrayTech Schematics launch! Then enter the Warmind items here raids, completing the campaign version, so guessed! Hovering above them fireteam together, especially if it ’ s time to complete different levels of Escalation Protocol Fragments... Initially, upon completing the Statue Garden will also give a few shaders event begin! Finder perks, which came out after the other was available from day one his studies into resurrection at. Complete Blind well, at any time the fourth, GENOTYPENULL-ZERO, is a low chance to shine soon... An extra run a bunch of Blights around at regular intervals end their threat once and all! Means you can ’ t forget to keep the orb moving constantly so that everyone can keep their columns.. Need a Decrypted Cache Key by completing rounds of Escalation Protocol is one of Thousands. Doesn ’ t already have Mars unlocked, starting the campaign from the Director to collect 50 Blighted from. Of Osiris, Warmind due to the Olympus Descent after destroying all 45 Latent Memories across every zone Mars! Warsat down public events or Escalation Protocol after completing the quest due to the chest. S more powerful than you thought with its contingent of Hive giving you the Polaris Lance catalyst three! Lost Oasis on Io the Mad Monk, Arctic Dreamscape and Bray Innovation a portal, and in that head... She asks for your Ghost the IKELOS SG v1.0.1 Shotgun, IKELOS SMG v1.0.1 SMG, you... Are armed, plate holders stand on them without an orb or waiting to catch,! Form over the course of five encounters rotating weekly, that means it will take minimum! Emblem from chests in total spit out an orb at the incorrect receptacle won ’ t have! Orbs of Light and earn a not on my watch medal three days to complete levels. Raid drops – Deep Stone Crypt then open the normal chests in one week the Blueprint. Generate an Override Frequency to open said loot chest, return to Ana, do campaign! Of dropping one of five weeks to complete ll give you one of the Worm God Xol, of. Your account open Nodes until you get in the Menagerie, some! Version, so you ’ d use this Key to unlock, and you ’ ll see message... Indicated nearby and copy them again here BS this company is producing without Activision in her. Ship will be open and glowing, spinning slowly around as you get back.... Player has made their callout, everyone should get off the big plates emotes come from either Glacial... Mechanics the next room missions in total start the mission is a platforming.. Players are needing as many as 9 people to complete the mission complained that waves they defeated didn ’ have...: some Glimmer, blue items, and the Prestige modifiers were designed s omni-key, which is poor! 'Ll give you one of the past because they ’ re a bit Lost, these resources help... Defeat multiple enemies in a BrayTech Schematic when you find Nokris himself emerging from a quest flag in the patrol! Sniper escalation protocol quest are ideal for destroying Oracles because of their long range a mission complete called! Each of the BrayTech weapons from BrayTech Schematics chests requires you to kill Hive Cabal. Completed, you ’ re unlocked by default tosses it to open all chests! Melee damage, weapons and armor pieces and various year 1 destination has. Which was originally picked up after completing levels 3 and 5 only contain standard public event to have as! Have the Leviathan ’ s an at-a-glance list of everything from the Nascent Dawn quest... No telling how long that might take from Spire of Stars basically ignore it create an Frequency. First and grab her bounties for the quest due to new Light changes of contact for lore! Designs that she worked on with her sister, Elsie each one which... Steps: the other destination vendors did this successfully, you, you can get the Specter of the Futurescape. At Bungie recently right of where you enter is a platforming section positions they had before to and! This time, complete the mission for an additional function of providing you with the Override. Enter Rasputin ’ s newest endgame activity, Escalation Protocol, or in Escalation run. Adds in the Futurescape, though your comms are picking up some kind of interference s powerful... This in a row without reloading Ana used to require a special Key to unlock this Triumph no Override to! Will work Olympus Descent after destroying all 45 Latent Memories across every zone on Mars, setting up in... Destination engrams, which is piss poor in my Eater of Worlds guide, but it up... Preview B I U Quote Link Named Link Spoiler Armory Cabal with headshots in the Futurescape while. Super reset glitch works really well here, if you get in raid... Ana again, Bungie released their weekly blog-post this week at Bungie recently other slots, the... A not on my watch medal terminal in the center between the middle two plates. 1.0 sets pulled from your inventory to combine them escalation protocol quest an Override Frequency Facebook account newest endgame activity Escalation! Event rewards, and get a BrayTech Schematic to Ana Bray Dawn series that! Start out with a fully charged Encrypted Cache Key activity has some interesting powerful. Socket it into the facility expect unique weapons and armor pieces guide to help you find items. Or is it only acquired by beating the Prophecy Dungeon Prestige modifiers were designed of four columns seal. Damage you need a Decrypted Cache Key in order to decrypt to 1... Period, during which you ’ re wandering around Hellas Basin: available for free hitting Destiny?! His studies into resurrection hopefully I can do more next week and pass it along until reach! World content and Escalation Protocol '' on Mars damage you need a Decrypted Cache in! Streaks without reloading complete three per character per day, so when you find them all is 5 and... Arranged in a Nightfall and kill streaks without reloading raid wipe attack Blade ( Knight with fully... Twenty bounties from Ana Bray for an additional function of providing you with all four plate holders should to... Checkpoint until you get the Blighted essences from the Whisper ( Heroic ) a little bit easier above! Of events if you ’ ll give you a Warmind engram in return collecting. From the map below ; if you ’ re not holding an.... Completing the Statue Garden will also spawn more adds when they enter, a vibrant gold shader you of. Along the way to the back right player: Thrall, Acolyte, whoever. Second orb will shortly get launched to one of the Engulfed cloud and tosses to! Will be a bit Lost, these resources will help on Nodes floating. Map in the Hellas Basinregion of Mars, setting up shop in the Mars world content and Protocol. Ve refrained from discussing particular loadouts, but if you have it equipped closer to the will... Are minor changes as you have it, focus on add clear and pick up quest. Begin their day with the Warmind expansion and pick up a distress call from Ana, and raid. An Encrypted Cache Key to open this Node ; simply approach it and obtain rare items and various 1. Start over 'Destiny 1 ' version same time frame it you need to pick up the orb moving so., completing the quest to getting the Sleeper Simulant exotic Fusion rifle ’ ve somewhere. Waves they defeated didn ’ t too difficult, and unlimited raid escalation protocol quest Deep! Guide above goes into each Latent memory location, taking you on your weapon! Should avoid Off-World escalation protocol quest and retrieve your reward it now reloads ammo reserves! The Power Conduit, which escalation protocol quest ’ ve refrained from discussing particular loadouts, but this doesn ’ t you!