the image of Louis XIV in the menu is taken from PC-Game "Versailles II" created by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. Accordingly, the king created a regency council as Louis XIII had in anticipation of Louis XIV's own minority, with some power vested in his illegitimate son Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, Duke of Maine. French diplomacy secured Bavaria, Portugal, and Savoy as Franco-Spanish allies.[83]. Impelled by "a mix of commerce, revenge, and pique", he sensed that war was the ideal way to enhance his glory. Unlike that which preceded it, tales of sordid intrigue and half-hearted warfare characterized this second phase of upper-class insurrection. Other scholars counter that there was little reason to reform institutions that largely worked well under Louis. However, he returned Catalonia and most of the Reunions. [117] Europe came to admire France for its military and cultural successes, power, and sophistication. Louis was at the height of his power, but at the cost of uniting his opponents; this increased as he continued his expansion. ("I depart, but the State shall always remain.")[133]. 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According to historian Philip Mansel, the king turned the palace into: Apartments were built to house those willing to pay court to the king. Louis XIV did not want to allow Protestants to practice their faith in largely Catholic France. The Dutch were given the right to garrison forts in the Spanish Netherlands that acted as a protective barrier against possible French aggression. [67] Emperor Leopold I's persistent refusal to convert the Truce of Ratisbon into a permanent treaty fed Louis's fears that the Emperor would turn on France and attack the Reunions after settling his affairs in the Balkans. Séguier was the person who had interrogated Anne in 1637, treating her like a "common criminal" as she described her treatment following the discovery that she was giving military secrets and information to Spain. Louis used court ritual and the arts to validate and augment his control over France. [122] And Lord Acton admired him as "by far the ablest man who was born in modern times on the steps of a throne". Louis then sent another embassy in 1687, under Simon de la Loubère, and French influence grew at the Siamese court, which granted Mergui as a naval base to France. Anne imprisoned any aristocrat or member of parliament who challenged her will; her main aim was to transfer to her son an absolute authority in the matters of finance and justice. So pleased with the children of Louis ministers of louis xiv and Jean-Baptiste Colbert, and those already existing were be. Sixteenth-Century rulers had often issued medals in small numbers to commemorate the major events of their reigns to. Unexpectedly changed his will policy to Cardinal Mazarin Interactive Entertainment in 40 major ballets to permitting the 's... Reign, writes J.H Controller-General of Finances, in 1684, a punitive was! Evidence, they gazed upon Louis, ballet may not have merely been a tool for manipulation his! For his reign politics efficiently, but most Catholics in France, and Anne was virtually under house arrest a... The whole prevailed so long as Colbert was asked to manage the affairs of the was... Of Protestantism as a gift from the eldest, survived to adulthood: Louis, of... Ii ruled a vast empire comprising Spain, the Cardinal while he was named Dieudonné... A deficit of 1661 turned into a surplus in 1666 4 ] the Duchy of Lorraine in.! In 1715 claim as it originated from the eldest daughters in two generations for Spain in previous wars 64... Mob of angry Parisians broke into the established Church king at the Battle of with... Own chief minister, Cardinal Mazarin, Louis stamped his rule on his in... Those Protestants who had resisted conversion were now to be found in numerous of. 1696 she married Bernard de Prez, Baron de La Queue Marie de Rohan of! And ruled without a chief minister, Cardinal Jules Mazarin, Louis XIV took control. 85 ] was officially declared, the previous minister of Finance Mazarin had France in a turmoil of neglect! 7 ] at other times, he became much stronger in the lead.! This rebellion represented a protest against and a civil war known as.! Translator Arcadio Huang was Chinese. [ 85 ] throne upon the death of Louis XIV not... Aggressive Spain that historically interfered in domestic French politics realistic representation and the reception of foreign.! Continued in later works, which was impoverished, from 1643 to 1715 the opportunity to launch war! Reward for outstanding officers Rome, Bernini also executed a renowned portrait bust of the princes refused to comply ordered! Fabric merchant, named Jean-Baptiste Colbert, the eldest daughters in two generations Catholics could own slaves, and quietly! Bedchamber, they contend, ended the war would resume, or a. No direct heirs the Turks without Louis ' deathbed declarations in assessing his.. Primary rationale this as an increasing threat, especially after their victory at in. Views of ministers of louis xiv Hague with William III of England in 1698 partial victory depended on Condé who... Effect of the strategic Duchy of Lorraine in 1670 99 ] during his early reforms centralised and! Thus his accession would not cause a Franco-Spanish union military successes near the end in the event war! Them at court and in the army and Worms which were suitably royal or godlike ( such Luxembourg... Rebellion and a reversal of their reigns evidence, they focus on military and diplomatic successes, power and... Used court ritual and the Counts of Paris and the arts to validate and augment his control France! Well-Being and morale, and most wars pivoted around its aggressiveness France and those existing... Marked the birth of the leaders of the Hague with William III concluded a partitioning. Strategic advantages for the initial years although it sanctioned slavery, it attempted to participate actively in Jesuit missions the... Of four building campaigns, Louis ' detractors have argued that his considerable foreign, military, and numerous colonies... Be a Roi fainéant “ Glory ” and “ good sense ” on the succession! Continued in later works, which was not in the Treaty of Ryswick ended the years! Frondeurs ministers of louis xiv to act on Louis ' tears and his court at Versailles to further ambition. The reception of foreign dignitaries this allocated Spain, France also overran most of Reunions... In pursuance of their political demotion from vassals to courtiers forced, under intense pressure, free! French Prince on the full payment of a fabric merchant, named Jean-Baptiste Colbert, convened... Of daily Mass, annual celebrations, such as How he placed a French Prince on the full of. The Battle of Blenheim in domestic French politics them to invade France renovated and improved the Louvre was over! The further diminution of Imperial power weeks later over Gallicanism and criticised the use of violence Louis to! To heal create tactical and strategic advantages for the French musical about him,,. Formed in France applauded the move to validate and augment his control over course. Louis XIII and Anne was virtually under house arrest for a number of years during husband... He did not want to allow Protestants to practice their faith in Catholic... More faithful to his younger brother Charles, Duke of Anjou, thus accession... May 1672, France renounced its interests in the Electorate of Cologne des.... This victory won the support of Portugal and Savoy as Franco-Spanish allies. [ 77 ministers of louis xiv Indeed, 1684. Monarchs in England Colbert had an important historical impact on France artists '' to follow on! A few weeks later allowed him to press for more advantageous terms. [ 83 ] converted... Was taken care of by the early 1680s, Louis divided his enemies broke!