Recently I was in Costa Rica and got hooked on a smoothie there that I’ve been recreating at home. Hi Alma, So glad you enjoyed this drink! Keyword green smoothie, pineapple ginger smoothie, spinach smoothie recipe, veggie smoothie. I made my juice with spinach instead of kale, added some fresh pineapple and an apple. I bet it is delicious. Save Recipe . If I can taste the spinach in my smoothie, I just add some lemon juice! As this spinach and ginger drink has the ability to dilate your blood vessels and slow down the pressure of blood, it can treat ailments like hypertension or high BP. Enjoy! It is my signature color:) I used almond milk, but any milk will do, just use your favorite. Then a few days later, I made it again, doubling the amount of spinach and adding a bit of fresh ginger. Ingredients & Recipe. I have everything but the pineapple will get it tomorrow. Ginger and Spinach Green Smoothie. This smoothie not only tastes amazing, it also has some added health perks that you’ll definitely enjoy. RELATED: These Beach Resorts Were Built Around Health and Wellness If you want to save some time, try prepping your Pineapple Green Smoothie in freezer bags by portioning out the banana and pineapple. However, I think that juicing is a fun way to try combinations of fresh fruit and veggies that you wouldn't otherwise eat together. Umm guess my timing was a little off – never mind that, this turmeric smoothie has all of the summertime vibes. It’s dessert-level good! Boost your GREENS intake the easy way! Sigh. Ok! Thank you for visiting Sweet and Savoury Pursuits. But a smoothie I made this week happened to be exceptionally tasty. Pineapple. Add a few ice cubes to taste and serve, or blitz the ice cubes with the smoothie and serve at once. I bet it would make a great smoothie, I'll try that. Making this smoothie is very simple. A few cubes of frozen pineapple can completely transform the taste of a smoothie, especially green smoothies. Cook Time: 1 minute. A perfect tonic for this time of year! Though I'm not a nutritionist, I think that eating your veggies and fruit, with all the fiber in them, is the most beneficial way of consuming fruit and vegetables. Then when you want to make it, add the plant milk, frozen fruit, and spinach leaves to your blender. I often add a chunk of ginger or lime. Mango is another great choice. My understanding is that the enzyme bromelain in raw pineapple makes blanching the spinach unnecessary, and making the iron in the spinach more available. Sweet and Savoury Pursuits is a personal blog owned, written, and edited by Fida Abou-Nassif. Since drinking that glass, I developed a bit of a craving for this green juice, so one day I decided to take my juicer out of the deep dark corner of my cupboard and try my hand at making my own tasty green juice. Prepare a delicious and flavourful Roast Turkey an, Hazelnut Chocolate Biscotti loaded with chunks of, These Powdered Sugar Almond Cookies also known as, These Matcha Sugar Cookies are a sophisticated twi, Pomegranate, Pear and Pecan Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. This Smoothie is made from Bananas, Pineapples, Apple Pineapple Juice Blend, White Grape Lemon Juice Blend, Almonds, Sunwarrior™ Organic Plant-Based Protein, Stevia Plant-Based Sweetener, Spinach - Organic, Carrots - Organic. The pineapple and green apple sweeten the smoothie and a touch of fresh ginger gives this smoothie just the right amount of zing to help us feel refreshed and energized. Not sure where I picked that up, though. Pineapple Green Smoothie Recipe This recipe makes two small smoothies or one very large smoothie. Add the pineapple chunks, peeled ginger, cut apple, kale or spinach, wheatgrass and lemon to your high-power blender, I use a vitamix.Blend and add up to 1/2 cup of water or coconut water until it reaches a consistency that allows it to blend thoroughly. This recipe makes two small smoothies or one very large smoothie. Blend until smooth. ), but we’ve got the next best thing thanks to this island-inspired smoothie featuring spinach, banana, and pineapple. You’ll love this smoothie! Lemons are also a great source of vitamin C. Ginger. Mini No Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Recipe, 10 Crockpot Freezer Meals in under an Hour – Part 3. on the highest setting until smooth and creamy and there are no longer any visible pieces. Let’s be honest, spinach is on nobody’s list of favorite foods. … How to Make Detox Green Pineapple Smoothie. Calories 163 kcal. The juice turned out delicious. Total Time: 5 minutes . This smoothie not only tastes amazing, it also has some added health perks that you’ll definitely enjoy. I would love to know what your favourites are. Print. In a blender add the spinach and milk and blend until smooth. One of the most popular recipes is our Spinach Pineapple Smoothie, which we fondly call the Pineapple Upside Down Cake in my smoothie recipe app, Daily Blends. These quick drinks are ideal for packing in extra veg, flavour and nutrients in a flash. And who doesn’t love green? I was a bit hesitant at first, the colour wasn't exactly appealing, but I tasted it anyways and found the drink very enjoyable. Have a great weekend! Fresh spinach, smooth avocado, and plenty of sweet pineapple make for one tasty Pineapple Paradise Spinach Smoothie. Servings 2 smoothies. Ginger and Spinach Green Smoothie. Learn how your comment data is processed. But I do love spinach and combining it with spinach is brilliant so I'm in. 5 from 14 votes. This looks so healthy. Then a few days later, I made it again, doubling the amount of spinach and adding a bit of fresh ginger. Print Recipe Ingredients: 1 cup orange juice; 1 cup plain yogurt; 1 cup frozen mango chunks; 1/3 english cucumber, cut into 1-inch chunks ; 1 handful fresh baby spinach; 1 to 2 tablespoons fresh minced ginger, to taste; ice cubes, as needed; Directions: Combine all ingredients in a blender; purée on high speed until smooth. Compliance with applicable privacy legislation is important to us. This vibrant Pineapple Spinach Juice with Ginger is delicious, refreshing and best of all full of nutrients and vitamins! Cuisine: American. Then a few days later, I made it again, doubling the amount of spinach and adding a bit of fresh ginger. … TRUST ME! PINEAPPLE GINGER BREEZE KALE GREEN SMOOTHIE RECIPE If you’re looking for a light and refreshing green smoothie to try, this pineapple ginger kale smoothie will bring you right by the pool and ready to dip your toes in the water! Lemon juice is something that can be added to any smoothie to give it a sweeter taste. Great for cleansing the palate or to simply have as a meal replacement if required. Your email address will not be published. The juice turned out delicious. Press the spinach, apple, pineapple and ginger through a juice extractor. Wow!!! Green breakfast smoothie. I don't have a juicer but wouldn't mind a thicker drink from the blender. Well, we can’t send you to the Caribbean (sorry! The juice turned out delicious. Blitz healthy ingredients for an energy-boosting breakfast. Add the pineapple and mango chunks. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks Robyn! Making this smoothie is very simple. Tried this recipe? Instructions In a blender add the spinach and milk and blend until smooth. So delicious and creamy from the avocado! This pineapple ginger turmeric smoothie was inspired by my love for golden milk and wanting to be able to enjoy a refreshing version of that warm drink during the summer. I have been on a bit of a juicing kick lately too!! That's great Suzanne, do let me know how you like it. Print Pin Rate. I know, not the most appealing drink colour, but it tastes so yummy. And it won’t even feel like you’re eating something good for you!. The yogurt sounds great. This green smoothie doesn’t taste green. Thats a great idea. Thanks. Greek yogurt and chia seeds help give the healthy smoothie its thickness while spinach, pineapple, and banana load it with nutrition.. One step and 10 minutes until you're slurping your new favorite green smoothie recipe. Prep Time 5 minutes. This pineapple smoothie is one of these healthy recipes that are loaded with fiber and vitamins. yum!! Improves Digestion. Before you run from the sight of spinach—give this a shot…. several of them on sale right now for a great price. 5. Nutrients & Vitamins in Spinach Pineapple Smoothie… One of the most well-liked recipes is our Spinach Pineapple Smoothie, which we fondly name the Pineapple Upside Down Cake in my smoothie recipe app, Daily Blends. I know when I did too much of the spinach/kale in smoothies I got kidney stones. 6. Although the spinach turns the smoothie a tell-tale color, it is ultra mild. I still can't believe I got my pickiest child to try this spinach juice and admit that she likes it! We should get together and explore different combinations, I'm sure you would come up with something delicious! This Spinach Pineapple Smoothie is a winner for these simple reasons: naturally sweetened with whole fruit; thick & creamy thanks to the protein-rich almond milk + bananas; 100% plant-based to give you the healthiest smoothie; No wonder it’s such a favorite with our fellow green smoothie lovers! Kale Pineapple Detox Smoothie Variations & Questions. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions, food blogger/ mostly wholesome, easy, seasonal recipes/ loves food and food Thanks for letting me know what you thought of it! About this Pineapple Spinach Juice. TRUST ME! It is based on personal opinions and all content is my own, unless otherwise stated. Prep Time: 1 minute. Juice, Pineapple Spinach Juice with Ginger, Spinach Juice. Try it: Blend spinach with other delicious fruits and vegetables to make a green smoothie that’s full of fiber, healthy fats, vitamin A, and iron at only 230 calories. It’s dessert-level good! Its particularly high in vitamins A and C and therefore guaranteed to boost you immune system. Yield: 4 1 x; Print. About this Pineapple Spinach Juice. It tastes great and is a healthy alternative. You can use frozen pineapples or fresh pineapple chunks along with a few ice cubes. Just a small piece of ginger makes a real difference, it added a slight zing to the drink and really complimented the spinach and fruit in this juice.

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