This process includes gluing and joining shorter pieces of lumber to create longer pieces. Caution:  Film forming finishes such as lacquer, shellac, urethane and varnish are NOT recommended for use on Western Red Cedar in exterior applications and should be removed with great care. When it is time to refinish, clean off the mildew with a mild bleach solution (oxygen bleach is preferred) or commercial mildew remover. Cedar is a prime wood of choice for siding because of its incredible resistance to bending, swelling, and splitting. Pressure washing can damage cedar, so if possible, wash by hand. We’re looking forward to getting the house painted sometime this summer, and as you can see from the 2nd to last picture, the cedar shakes have some darkening from mildew that needs to be cleaned off first. Since wood is not a perfect medium the installer must take the time to sort The majority of boards should be completely clear or with one small knott per 12' length. These grade rules represent the maximum to expect per single board - NOT all boards. The wood siding shown in this picture is select tight knot … Where's Waldo? “So after the last round of mold cleaning and wood restoring we decided to use a newer wood stain product on the market called DEFY. We can only quote full 20 and 40 foot containers - smaller shipments would be customer arranged. small you need to really get serious to find them. The Country Clinic The clinic was built by Jerry Laverty, and Laverty Construction, a longtime customer. For example, cedar lap siding graded Clear costs about 50% more than Near Clear and 100% more than Mill Select or Customer Select. I was first drawn to them by their no nonsense website. Paint failure such as peeling, blistering or flaking is often associated with moisture build up behind the paint and poor adhesion of the paint film to the underlying wood. effective. Note how the darker Rustic stain color helps to blend the dark and light cedar boards. A periodic cleaning with a mild, non-phosphate detergent solution will usually restore the surface finish. If you don’t have to worry about the cost of siding, cedar may be your choice. I sanded, scraped and painted the porch ceiling several years ago and it already has some alligatoring and small blisters showing. Cedar is mostly used for creating closets and other types of furniture. This problem is exacerbated if paint is applied to weathered wood. Our summer, so far, has been really hot and humid, making working on outdoor projects and climbing up and down on scaffolding to replace the gable wall a bit of an adventure. A deck that dries after wetting will last longer than one that stays damp. The dark color of mildew will usually bleach out in 15 to 30 seconds. x 7/16 in. I had to create some removeable-for-cleaning screens for the 6 attic fan vent openings to keep out birds, bats and stink bugs, and made those from PVC trim and welded stainless ¼” steel mesh. After you are certain your Cedar is completely dry after it is cleaned, it is time to refinish. The finish looks very nice. Unfortunately, it is expensive and can be high maintenance. I’m sure the neighbors were as tired of looking at it as we were, and I was pretty tired of climbing up and down on it every day, although it contributed to losing nearly 10lbs in the past month! So here ya go. I primed and painted those, and then did some final edge caulking, and applied 2 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Aura white topcoat to everything. See Areas we ship to and Delivery Information. This Chicago customer used our A&BTR Clear Cedar milled to 1x6 T&G (V Groove) stained with Olympic 717 "Redwood" Semi-transparent, Oil Based Stain. Oxygen bleach removes algae, mold and mildew from cedar, restoring much of the wood's natural beauty. Same house. V-joint clear cedar siding. At first glance the image looks completely clear. Should water staining be evident, scrubbing the wood with an oxalic acid solution can be effective for removal. It is a degradation of the paint film, not the cedar. No hand unloading at my office. We had some challenges working around the 8 purlins, but our carpenter (an old-school guy) managed to make the necessary cuts and adjustments around them. On a 2,000 sq.ft. One of the more economical options for Western Red Cedar bevel is to purchase what is called Finger-Joined bevel. These pictures also help to emphasize the importance your installer has on the equation.

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