Please enter your feedback regarding the status of this name in New Zealand. 15cm | $7 Easy care. Ajuga reptans. An interspecific hybrid (genevensis x reptans) 20-40cm rich soil, ground cover, vigorous and compact. Whilst it will happily grow in full shade, but best foliage colour usually occurs in part-sun locations where it … Ajuga Black Scallop. Alstroemeria Smile. Ajuga reptans – white. For an idea combine it with contrast specimen plants such as Yucca Colourguard, or foliage plants such as the new Campanula Kelly's Gold or one of the new colour range of Heucheras. Cultivars of this species feature leaves with more interesting and varied foliage color. Bella perenne,bella foglia,e bellissima infiorescenza blu. Evergreen. The superbly hardy ground cover Ajuga reptans comes and goes in and out of fashion, but for me it will always have a place in my garden. Alstroemeria Bandit. Growing just 6 inches tall, ajuga is almost maintenance free and comes in a number of different varieties with either green, purple, or multi-colored foliage. Larger leafed and faster spreading cultivar of Ajuga reptans , which is native to Europe, and commonly known as bugle, bugleweed, bugleherb and carpetweed. Lincoln, Manaaki Whenua Press. The blossoms rise slightly above the foliage of tiny, glossy, oval leaves which are chocolate with burgundy highlights. Alstroemeria Bandit. All online orders are for delivery throughout New Zealand only, prices may vary between the online store and physical store locations. Likes some sun. Ajuga reptans – white. Likes some sun. Quantity Add To Cart. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. It spreads by runners in a similar way to a strawberry plant. Alstroemeria Sweety. Tolerates most soil types, but prefers moist conditions. Avoid clay soils. ... Ajuga reptans. Alstroemeria Sweety. Soil Type. Attractive leafy mats for a moist garden. An easy to grow groundcover with dark blue flowers from spring to autumn. $12.00 Contact Us. Proudly created with Book a Garden Tour. A fantastic groundcover; the dense mat of lush green leaves excludes all weed growth. Ajuga reptans | Alba. Dark green foliage will often be tinged with purple. Alchemilla Mollis Thriller. In the spring it sends up 10–15cm tall flower stalks bearing many purple flowers. How to grow Ajuga reptans "Catlin's Giant" (Bugleweed) “Catlins Giant” is an herbaceous perennial grown for both its foliage and impressive flowers. Ajuga Multicolour. Ajuga reptans Catlins Giant -2Ltr Pot / PB5 (20/30) - An attractive groundcover, forming a dense mat of glossy purple foliage. Ajuga Multicolour. Ajuga reptans Catlin's Giant. Alstroemeria Vito. Alstroemeria Smile. The plant has runners that spread across the surface of the ground forming a low-growing ground cover 10 cm tall with flower spikes up to 24 cm tall. It spreads by surface runners in the same way as a strawberry plant and can spread almost indefinitely. Ajuga reptans ‘Jungle Beauty’ is an attractive evergreen ground cover spreading quickly. Ajuga reptans L. Taxon Concept NZOR Concept Id ab302404-ae05-4907-9b31-dcf796a7e2f8 According to ... Nicol, E. R. 1997: Common Names of Plants in New Zealand. Ajuga Blueberry Muffin. It produces glossy green leaves with purple margins. Hardy. Ajuga; Ajuga reptans is a sprawling, perennial, stoloniferous, herbaceous flowering plant native to Europe, Iran, SW Asia. Astelia, Coprosma, Cordyline & Orthopdium Are Some Variety Of Plants That Are Available To Be Purchased Online. Frost hardy, shade tolerant. How to grow Ajuga reptans "Jungle Beauty" (Bugleweed) “Jungle Beauty” is a quick growing, ground covering plant that features dark green leaves tinged with purple. Blue Bugle. As Ajuga reptans spreads by surface runners (like a strawberry plant), it is very easy to propagate by division. Ajuga reptans, commonly called bugleweed, is a dense, rapidly spreading, mat-forming ground cover which features shiny, dark green leaves. Ajuga reptans alba. Shop Online for all your favourite plants and products here. Ajuga reptans has dark green leaves with purple highlights. Description. Average to moist soil. All the listed plants are hardy - if a plant variety has to be "nursed" along in my nursery then they unfortunately get to live in the compost bin! Just pick off a couple of new plants and transplant to … Attractive leafy mats for a moist garden. Ajuga reptans. Planting Flowers Foliage Plants Landscaping Around Trees Deer Resistant Garden Colorful Plants Plants Ground Cover Plants Perennials Lawn And Landscape. NZ$ 6.00. Ajuga Reptans. It spreads by runners in a similar way to a strawberry plant. Alstroemeria Mardi Gras. ... (expected growth in average NZ conditions in 5 to 10 years) Leaves. Ajuga 'Burgundy Lace' (above right) looks particularly stunning against the black mondo grass or other contrasting foliage. Ajuga reptans alba. Ajuga reptans 'Catlin's Giant' SKU: 217537123517253. Moisture. In the spring it sends up 10–15cm tall flower stalks bearing many purple flowers. Select (if applicable) the providers you would like to notify. PositionFull sun to part shade. Phone number 027 492 6719. Ajuga reptans Jungle Beauty. A mat of glossy burgundy leaves carpet the ground all year round. Article by ( Gardening Dig It ) 106. Ajuga Catlin's Giant. Evergree 15cm | $7 It is a spreading and dense ground cover. This item is in stock Quantity: Add To Cart. … Prefers a moist, shaded/semi-shaded to sunny position, with cool root run, humus enriched soil and regular watering. Ajuga reptans has dark green leaves with purple highlights. NZ$ 6.00. The Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) is an online resource that provides immediate access to the wealth of plant specimen information held by Australian herbaria. Alstroemeria Mardi Gras. Some of listed plants are natives of alpine areas of Europe but have adapted over a long period to New Zealand, both by time and breeding. Ajuga Reptans. Lettuce-green foliage, flowers white. Tall blue flowers. A vigorous, low growing perennial, covered in Spring and Summer with deep blue flower spikes borne over large, dark green crinkled leaves, which have a metallic bronze sheen. Click on the Category button/text to populate this page with the different products available in that category. Crinkled shiny bronze leaves. They can take sun to partial shade, although the foliage develops its best color in full sun. Ajuga (Ajuga reptans) or Carpet Bugle Weed is often used in the shady gardens as a low ground cover.Often grown for their rosettes of bronze or dark green leaves and their blue flowers that make an appearance in spring or early summer. Back Ajuga reptans NZ$ 6.00. 0.15 x 0.6m. Ajuga is great in rock gardens, in the front of beds and borders, under leggy shrubs or … Also a great in containers. Also known as carpetweed or bugleweed, Ajuga reptans is a perennial that is typically hardy in zones 3 to 9. Through spring and summer it provides a mass display of white flowers. Quantity Add To Cart ... NZ$ 6.00. Frost hardy, shade tolerant. Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant' CATALOGUE DESCRIPTION. Alternanthea Little Ruby. In spring colourful spires of deep blue flowers are produced all over the plant. Find 1.5L Blueberry Muffin Flower - Ajuga reptans at Bunnings Warehouse. It is a spreading and dense ground cover. Ajuga 'Catlin's Giant' is a very attractive evergreen ground cover with glossy purple-brown foliage. AVH is a collaborative project of the state, Commonwealth and territory herbaria, developed under the auspices of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH), representing the major Australian collections. Alstroemeria Pink Star. ©2019 by Curumim Gardens. Ajuga reptans variegata "Burgundy Glow" makes a very attractive groundcover that is happy with average to medium moisture, in full sun to part shade. Ajuga Reptans Mahogany Purchase Online. Ajuga reptans 'Catlins Giant' Bugle Plant. These evergreen plants form dense mats of glossy leaves. An attractive creeping vine that quickly fill in a large areas, smothering out weeds while adding exceptional foliage color and blooms. Ideal, mass planted, boggy gardens, in rockeries or containers. Ajuga Catlin's Giant. Ajuga is great in rock gardens, in the front of beds and borders, under leggy shrubs or … Grown best in part-shade to full sun. Alstroemeria Vito. Price per item: $ 7.29. Ajuga is a vigorous, ground-hugging perennial that will quickly carpet all the shady or partially shady spots in your garden with color. Limited number available. The ground copper/purple-colored foliage make it great for adding year-round interest. Over time it will form a dense mat of attractive rosettes. Contact Us Puriri Lane Drury, New Zealand Debbie | 021 332 277. Late winter through spring it is covered with compact, pyramid shaped, deep blue flower spikes. Ajuga Black Scallop refers full sun to part shade in rich soil, which does not dry out. Crinkled shiny green leaves. Alstroemeria Red Baron. Alstroemeria Doba. Through spring and summer it provides a mass display of white flowers. Blue flowers on approximetely 30cm spikes arise above the foliage in spring are a magnate for bees. A fantastic groundcover; the dense mat of lush green leaves excludes all weed growth. New Zealand Is Blessed With Native Plants. Noted for its extremely dwarf habit and chocolate foliage, Ajuga reptans 'Chocolate Chip' (Carpet Bugle) is a ground-hugging perennial prized for its bluish-purple flower spikes on display in mid to late spring. This Ajuga forms a mat of glossy, burgundy leaves as it grows to 25 cm tall and 80 cm wide. Whorls of tiny, blue-violet flowers appear in mid to late spring on spikes rising above the foliage to 10". Ajuga reptans 'Jungle Beauty' Fast growing ground cover, forming a dense, evergreen carpet, and flowering freely during early spring.

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