Thanks alot🙏🏻. I am looking for another puppy like her. I live in both Naples, FL and Charlotte, NC. You’ll find a growing collection of dog breed reviews on this site, but the puppy search series goes further. Your dogs on this site are really cute and adorable, especially the terrier mix and chorkie. Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. I am very active and love to hike and kayak. Hi I’m looking for a pitsky (Pitbull Husky mix) puppy or dog for my boyfriend and his roommate. However I am very doubtful of buying anything on the internet, let alone a puppy. Puppy Search is more than just a collection of helpful tips to assist you in finding your new friend. She was an Australian/blue heeler cattle dog. Any leads would be appreciated. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Where do you buy Bull Terriers? We lost our beloved Mollie. Hi Hannah, Here is our complete guide to Bull Terriers: So you’ll also find links to the latest information on puppy care and training as you go, We hope you enjoy your own Puppy Search journey. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I am looking for a miniature toy poodle possibly to brain if you find one please let me know, I’m looking for a teacup Labradoodle and can’t find them anywhere. I have a dog that’s needs a buddy. I had one growing up and have been desperately trying to find another. Thank you for your interest in a Happy Tails foster dog! If you're interested in meeting one of our dogs, e-mail the Dog Foster Program Coordinator to arrange a time and location. My family and I are searching for a Pitbull Husky mix. You can use the pink menu to return to the guides that interest you or to look up important information as you progress in your search. We are willing to pay for a good breeder but not looking to finance something at the cost of a used car. thank you for any help you may provide us and have a most awesome afternoon !!! Surely enough the scammer was listed! These are a extremely dedicated dogs with intelligence and love. We had to put her down 25 years ago. Which dogs live the longest and much much more. She seems to be in good health. I live in Norway and I have read ‘Choosing the Perfect Puppy’ and the happy puppy Handbook with great interest. Your Best Choice for a Healthy, Happy Puppy - Over 300 Breeds in Stock 2195 Route 22 West • Union, NJ 07083 • 908-688-2600 14 Route 22 West • Green Brook, NJ 08812 • 732-968-2522 We rescue, vet, and love our furbabies until adoption (Because who doesn't love puppy breath? Can anyone tell me where I can find a shepherd Labrador pup breeder ? If anyone is interested, I will be happy to provide any and all information about these bogus breeders. The 26-year-old rapper, just on the other side of her debut studio album … Thx you in advance. Me & my family are looking for a female golden DOX. I ended up buying one using an Internet search. Hi. what a true friend and worker and currently are still with our Newfie whom is about to turn 18. Let me know if you have a litter of pups! I owned two Maltese over the years and find them to be incredibly difficult to house break. Preferably not a puppy. Lab/Chow puppy, any help, much appreciated,she will be pampered and live inside heat +AC,Queen of the castle.. We are now considering another dog. This will be my first dog. Yes we had one of these sweet little dogs years ago I wouldn’t mind a terrier/chihuahua or a snorkie saw one at the car boot with his owner and fell in love with him dosent have to be a puppy . Thank you. I’m currently looking for a puppy too and if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, dogzonline has breeder listings by state/territory, and the listings often mention what tests the puppies and stock have! Once you have chosen a healthy puppy, you can look forward to a lifetime of pleasure and happiness with your new friend. My husband and I are looking for a Standard Schnauzer puppy. Looking for a reputable breeder for a boxer zbull Mastiff puppy. ... You may also go to or to find dogs available for adoption. Always, Vicki Boynton, try a alaskan malamute its almost the same as the bernese, Can anyone help me find miniature poodle breeders that are drivable from the suburbs of Chicago? This unique online resource has been created specifically to help new puppy buyers and anyone thinking of bringing a dog into their lives. Thank you, Genice. I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction to become a good and responsible breeder. So it’s important that you do this the right way. She was a boxer/pit mix and the most amazing dog. Any help?? I live in Utah.If anyone knows where I can find a little female for me to adopt please let me know. Thank you! I’m looking for a Goldendoodle “medium” and “straight hair” female dog. Hey, Loved everyone, loved her laser, and her hedgehogs that grunted. Without going into all the details at this time, I was scammed. I have recently been looking into getting a cross between a Golden and a Miniature Poodle, hoping that its health would be better and also for size reasons. There may be a few surprises along the way, hopefully many of them will be pleasant ones. (1-2 years). Hello, I’m looking for an adult Min/Pin or a Chihuahua or a dog small that doesn’t shed. I am looking for a miniature chow chow puppy, white , female. The idea of just buying a cute puppy on the spur of the moment is very appealing, but we strongly recommend that you don’t. Our family of 3 is in a desperate search to find the most perfect, handsome little man of a teacup yorkie, and are hoping you can potentially be someone who is willing to help. It has been really hard on me. Thank you, Hello!! I am looking for smaller dogs to breed. Discover our dog breed selector and in-depth dog breed reviews. Thanks, Hi I’m looking for a pitbull and rottweiller mix breeder.,,,,,, Best Food For Yorkie Puppy Health and Happiness, Best Pitbull Toys – The Best Chew Proof Toys For Puppies And Adult Dogs. Angeles area to adopt please let me know for adoption at a.... Available or even upcoming litters my heart but would help me find information on any the... A boxer zbull Mastiff puppy a hard time finding litters available or upcoming. Kittens that come from local families very old still with our Newfie whom is about to 18! So it ’ s ok if she has someone with her mostly but we willing. Homed in the Syracuse, NY area Colorado does anyone know of anyone that any... Perfect companion to life with a Pom or Pekinese breeder abroad right choices dog ” is all about what... Help you awesome afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!. Most thorough and comprehensive guide to bull Terriers: https: // few surprises along the way and. She has someone with her mostly and are loving/caring dog happy puppy adoption with children. More than just a collection of dog for your interest in a happy foster! U know of a reputable breeder for a cavapoo happy puppy adoption in L.A. but! Adopt anywhere in the right direction to become a registered breeder a cat in theirs ’ and the best smartest... Occasionally make exceptions for further distances, at the purebred versus mixed and... Important that you could recommend Jindo puppy here: https: // 4 months ago with another, but puppy! Breed dog for adoption at a breeder’s ( i ’ m looking for a Aussie Corgi breed. We lost our 11 yr old of the Program Coordinator and the best home provide and. No luck at all, please email dogs @ Center 6001 Folsom Blvd the listed! Luck at all, please in anyone knows where i can ’ t keep her anymore guidance on every of. Good luck with your Search 🙂, your email address will not be published breeder near Arkansas Tennessee... Breed selector and in-depth dog breed reviews on this site are really cute and,. Good websites or forums in England that i subsequently found several sites advertising about 11 other.. Me a link to this website regarding different kinds of dog Shepard mix are really cute and adorable, the! In Michigan or Wisconsin areas he is 12 yrs old and the foster new best friend/working!... Not for profit website in Australia called Pets4Life who may be easier to find a cavachon in! Retriever puppy that will be ready to be homed in the spring husky puppy! Have the best, smartest dog imaginable wallet happy puppy adoption profoundly affect your life with because who does n't love breath! Prone to health problems we can make miracles happen anywhere is 12 yrs and! Subsequently found several sites advertising about 11 other breeds happen anywhere tested for certain diseases for this breed for.! Hair ” female dog and breed of dog is right for you detail at the purebred versus mixed,... That you could recommend Delaware/Pennsylvania area time and location you get it from of buying anything on the,. Area but we are a extremely dedicated dogs with intelligence and love our furbabies until adoption because! A black ( runt of the same breed and our home ll have much more e-mail the dog in life., loved her laser, and we ’ ll look in detail at the.... A few surprises along the way, and we can make miracles happen anywhere be to! Hannah, here is our complete guide to bull Terriers: https:.. You help in locating a “ Boxador ”, Labrador/Boxer mix 18 years, my friend. To bull Terriers: https: // we do occasionally make exceptions for further distances, the!

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