These containers will ONLY work with S-Series blenders! Es sollte eine ganze Weile dauern, bis ich endlich den Test machen konnte. take a look in the overview below to see which container would be perfect for you! The larger 40-ounce container has a pour spout with a lid that snaps securely into place. And thanks for reading this far, some of the links in this post are affiliate links. You should always consider using the dry container for grinding dry grains because: Having made these two points, you can still use the wet container to grind dry grains. Vitamix containers. It features a tall, narrow design with a 3-inch blade. TIP: When you see “self-detect”, it tells you this is a container meant for the Vitamix Ascent series smart-system blenders. Any suggestions as to what I should do. Hi Sharon, unfortunately, the new Vitamix food processor only works with the Vitamix Ascent or Venturist series blenders. The 64-oz low-profile container features a short, wide design with a 4-inch blade. The Vitamix S30 has two container sizes with interchangeable blade bases. For the purchase price of the S30, you could get the incredible Vitamix 750, which is a bit bigger, at 9.4 x 7.7 x 17.4. CDN$33.99. TIP: You don’t need the dry container to make doughs. Mid-range blenders have motors that are around 1000 watts, and they can crush ice, grind nuts, and puree cooked vegetables. I usually recommend them to students, RVers, and anyone with a small/minimalist kitchen. It’s also the container you get when you buy the Vitamix 5300 and Explorian E320 affordable Vitamix models. Hi Patti, sorry I took “forever” to reply. The 20-oz cups come in three different variations, and they all work differently for different Vitamix blender models. On the other hand, the wet container pushes the ingredients downwards, that why it’s the best for smoothies, purees, etc. There Self-detect containers for Ascent series blenders are available in 64-oz wet, 48-oz wet, 48-oz dry grains, 20-oz blending cups, and 8-oz blending bowls. The Aer disc works in different techniques including whipping, foaming, muddling, and emulsifying to deliver wonderful results! This small, wet container is ideal for making small, single-serve (of double) blends. It’s both compact and versatile, with smart design for both purposes. Or simply put, the personal-sized Vitamix blenders that include S30, S50, and S55. There are three blender models in this category: S30, S50, and S55. You’re probably wondering if there is any difference in the blend quality or performance depending on which container comes with your Vitamix, or the container you choose to get. There are four blender models in this category: A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300. Der Vitamix S30 ist mit einem neu­artigen 1,2-Liter-Mix­behälter aus Tritan-Kunst­stoff (BPA-frei) und 0,6-Liter-Thermo-Mix­behälter aus­gestattet. You may notice in most Vitamix enthusiasts forums that some people claim the 8-oz Ascent series bowl is compatible with the personal adapter cup. Like all Vitamix blenders, they are built to premium standards and backed by an exceptional warranty. To learn more about Vitamix models and product lines, please click here to read this detailed guide I did about the topic. The 64-oz classic legacy tall container can be said to be the living oldest Vitamix container. ALL Vitamix containers (wet) will do a wonderful job when making smoothies. So, if possible I would suggest you get a wet container. In this way, you can make soup right in the blender without using the stove. blender motors are designed to have cooling airflow when operating at the This technology ONLY works with the Ascent series blenders. The S30 offers two container sizes—a 0.6-L that becomes an instant travel cup with flip-top lid and a 1.2-L for small batches of soups, sauces, frozen desserts, and more. Last in the list is the Aer disc container, which is the Vitamix’s latest accessory container. Each premium component of the Vitamix machine has been strategically selected for its quality and strength, all working together to create the best blends in the business. ! I hope you found this guide resourceful in answering your questions about Vitamix containers compatibility and other replacement FAQs/tips! Dieser Behälter wurde von Vitamix so konzipiert, dass er als „To Go Becher“ für unterwegs genutzt werden kann. The larger 64-oz wet containers are ideal for blending medium to large batches. That means, it can only be purchased separately or with the Vitamix models that come as a package. But it has a powerful, 790-watt motor with consistent torque at low temperatures that blends, crushes, and creates smooth purees in a flash. Dennoch bietet er vergleichbare Power wie seine großen Verwandten. 2. And is designed to do a lot of things that cannot be done with the standard Vitamix containers. The TIP: Since the 64-oz low-profile container is short, the blenders that use it will perfectly fit under the standard kitchen cabinets. Er passt ideal in kleinere Küchen und eignet sich mit 1,2 Litern Fassungsvermögen gut für Ein- bis Zwei-Personenhaushalte. Absolutely YES! You already have the wet container that came with your Vitamix and you’re wondering whether there is any NEED to invest in the dry container. It has simple, variable speed control with pulse for the perfect blend. Er ist kompakter, wodurch die Frage aufkam, ob der Mixer seinen Platz im Hochleistungssegment tatsächlich verdient hat. A new replacement seems to be prohibitive for an old machine. TIP: Since the 64-oz classic container is tall, the blenders that use it won’t fit under the standard kitchen cabinets. In case of any question, comment, and a need for clarification, please drop your comment below and I’ll offer my assistance as soon as possible. It has a more powerful 1HP motor, larger container, blade friction heating, and is self-cleaning, all at a much more affordable price than the S30. No – only the 2 new containers are usable with the S30 They are the best for personal and small family blending needs. Container, Black Container, Black Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. But the C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series are jointly known as Legacy Series. There are NO glass containers for Vitamix blenders! You can also purchase the 48-oz wet container separately. The Vitamix S30 has two container sizes with interchangeable blade bases. Ascent Series models will come with the 64-oz low-profile self-detect Ascent container. In a good blender, the power of the motor works along with the blade design for the best results. The Vitamix S30 has a motor with a metal drive system, instead of the less durable plastic drives. I can’t find the info that says which Vitamix I have; it says model VMO103 on the back, I’ve had it a long time, and the container is the tall one. The 40-oz container features a compact design with a blade base that screws out. Next. ! Which Accessory Vitamix Containers Should I Get? Your Vitamix Creations Elite has the same jar. Vitamix 32-oz Wet, 40-oz Wet, & 48-oz Wet Containers Recap! Vitamix 48-oz Wet Container: It’s the wet container you get when you buy the Explorian E310 budget-priced Vitamix. Vitamix S30 isn’t big enough, even with the larger container, to really feed a But the 64-oz low-profile container won’t work effectively on C-Series blenders since it has a large 4-inch blade for the less powerful 2.0-peak horsepower motors! S-Series represent the Vitamix personal blenders product line. Ascent series represent the modernized, smart system Vitamix product line. Dry containers come in 32-oz and 48-oz. Click here to learn more about this blender stick that does 12 useful functions when making smoothies! Designed to … For example when creating bread from wheat berries. container, a tamper for the 40oz. That said, if you have not yet purchased a Vitamix blender please click here to redirect to the in-depth guide where I answer the question: Which Vitamix to buy! Whether you love fruits or veggie smoothies, getting a Vitamix will give you smooth, consistent blends! The 40-ounce pitcher is ideal for soups, sauces, and meals. TIP: When you buy a Vitamix blender it comes with one of the wet containers. S-Series represent the Vitamix personal blenders product line that comes with a 40-oz and 20-oz containers. highest speeds, so it’s actually better to run the motor harder. This is a great feature because sometimes tamping ingredients in a blender can cause a little anxiety. Ascent series containers have self-detect technology to work with the Vitamix Ascent series blenders product line. Please refer to the instruction manual that came with the containers on how to properly align the blade base on the container. Vitamix 750 is so much more powerful and versatile than the S30, but they cost Especially if you’re just trying a recipe and you don’t do this often! Which Vitamix container is best for peanut butter or smoothies or ice cream or dry grains or nut milk? And in most cases, you’re in the process of deciding which smaller container you should get so you can enjoy blending smaller recipes. Depending on which Vitamix you buy with the 64-oz container, it’s going to come with one of these three variation styles: C-Series models will come with the 64-oz wet classic tall container. in your own travel cup. Hi Melanie, so sorry I took “forever” to reply! In this section, I’ll lineup ALL Vitamix containers and explain in the simplest ways possible how they pair up with ALL the Vitamix blenders that are currently available in the market today. The more watts in a blender motor, the more power it brings to every job. That’s if you haven’t gotten one already. I hope this helps, thanks! There’s a dry container too, that I’ve never used. The Vitamix S30 will make soup like all Vitamix blenders, but, because of its weaker motor and shorter blades, it takes longer than in their other, more powerful models. My son, however, tried to make a smoothie with a spoon in it and it blew through the container. But it’s a nice add-on to your Vitamix blender accessories. That helps support my work and I’ll heartily appreciate it! So, it should perfectly work with either this 64-oz Classic Legacy Tall Container or this 48-oz Wet Container. Or simply put, the personal-sized Vitamix blenders that include S30, S50, and S55. Click here to learn more about this blender stick, Vitamix blender please click here to redirect to the in-depth guide where I answer the question: Which Vitamix to buy, today’s blenders, tampers, and container deals, click here to redirect to the blender tampers. TIP: Did you know Vitamix recently launched a food processor attachment that works with the Vitamix Ascent series blenders – A3500, A3300, A2500, & A2300? It’s exclusively designed to work with the legacy series blenders that include classic models, next-generation models, and the explorian models. Der zweite Behälter des Vitamix S30 fasst 0,6 Liter und ist ein doppelwandiger Thermo-Becher. As I have the Vitamix pro750 and recently ordered the Vitamix food processor, only to learn that they are not compatible. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Vitamix 64-oz Low-Profile Container with Self-Detect, 5. Help? And that’s because Vitamix understands a majority of your recipes need the wet blade container. For example, when you accidentally drop a metallic spoon inside a glass container when the blender is running, the risk of it shattering and causing you physical harm is high! They include the A2300, A2500, A3300, and the A3500 which is arguably the most powerful Vitamix in the market today and which I highly recommend if you don’t have a Vitamix yet! Similarly, if you’d only like to learn the difference between the Wet vs Dry container, please skip to the next section. YES! Er hält die Temperatur der eingefüllten Speisen lange konstant, egal ob heiß oder kalt. The The most powerful blenders have motors that are 1500 watts or more, and they can make nut butter, turn ice into snow, and grind grains into flour. Again, you can click on the pictures to get more information. G-Series models will come with a 64-oz low-profile container. So, I would advise you to return it if it’s still possible. This 48-oz container is compatible with all full-size Vitamix machines. When paired with the blending bowl starter kit this tiny container allows you to create small portions of your favorite meals. While their motors are built with thermal protection, Vitamix blenders can overheat. These models come with the two containers that you’ll need for both wet and, at times, dry blending needs! These models include the families’ favorite Vitamix 7500, the pre-programmed Professional Series 750, the touchscreen-enabled Vitamix 780, and the Professional Series 300. Additional container or replacement for the Vitamix. All three variations of the 20-oz cups and their lids are dishwasher safe, and they are very popular for making vegetable and fruit smoothies. housing, to make sure that foods don’t get trapped beneath the blades, and the These are S-Series, C-Series, G-Series, Explorian series, and Ascent series. I noticed that some Vitamix users have been asking the following questions about Vitamix containers. I hope you got help somewhere else on this one. In this step-by-step guide, I’ll uncover every little secret of Vitamix container compatibility, from wet to dry, including all styles and sizes from 8-oz to 64-oz. some other small personal blenders, you can easily add kale to a smoothie, Vitamix blades are actually dull on new units. the S30, it seems like it would be worth it to get a better blender and invest These models include the affordable and popular Vitamix 5200, the minimalist traditional-styled Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed, and the green smoothie enthusiasts’ favorite Vitamix Pro 500. Please don’t TRY using it with your Ascent series blenders. Also, you’ll notice two silver bars on the front side of the container. The SELF-DETECT™ technology allows the blender to precisely know which container is placed on it so it can automatically adjust the blend settings accordingly. Vitamix 20-oz Blending Cup with Self-Detect, 9. The personal adapter cup comes with two dual-purpose 20-oz containers that allow you to make single-serve blends and slip the spill-proof lids to turn them into travel cups. But it can also work with the G-Series blenders, although the self-detect features won’t work! Poorly designed blenders allow foods to get beneath the blades, stick to the lower wall of the container, or have a “dead spot” of un-blended ingredients in the middle. And they feature clear lids so you can monitor your blends from a bird’s eye view! Unlike However, it has so much to offer, including: The The smaller 32-oz and mid-sized 48-oz are ideal for blending small to medium batches. Das Küchengerät unterscheidet sich von den anderen Hochleistungsmixern des US-Herstellers doch sehr deutlich. TIP: I recommend getting the Vitamix Ascent series blending bowl starter kit that includes a blade base so you can enjoy the full benefits of the 8-oz blending bowls. But I’ll update here if and when Vitamix designs such bowls for legacy series and S-Series blenders. Can you use a Vitamix as a food processor? And to best understand what container fits your Vitamix, you’ll need to understand how Vitamix groups its blender models. But hey happy face before you use your WET container to mill those grains into flour, please read further! Is a replacement available for one this old? Absolutely YES! It has a loop so it can be securely attached to bags and backpacks, making it great for commuters. But don’t worry, I’ll still briefly mention all these Vitamix models and product lines in this one-stop Vitamix containers guide. Although the power of a motor is a great indication of power, it’s not the only factor. I don’t see my vitamix listed, and I need to replace the container. It’s best, and safest, to wash the blades and containers in the top rack of the dishwasher and clean the blender base by wiping it down. Vitamix Containers Compatibility: Which Container for Which Vitamix Model? But tell you what, I’m here to help you out! Vitamix - weltweit Nr. Machen Sie selbst die Erfahrung und testen Sie jetzt ein Vitamix-Gerät! The low-profile containers are also wider and do an awesome job when working as “food processors”, especially when making protein bars and similar recipes. You’re In Control The Variable Speed Control lets you fine-tune every texture—from smooth purées to chunky salsas—and everything in between. It comes in either wet or dry variation and is compatible with C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders. TIP: The Vitamix C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series are jointly known as the Vitamix Legacy Series blenders! Which Vitamix container is best for smoothies? Vitamix blenders are famous for their power and their price, but does the S30 really perform? These cups weren’t designed to work with legacy series blenders. No matter how long they blend, there are still chunky bits or clunks of ice whirling around, making it impossible to get a truly smooth puree. Vitamix 8-Oz Blending Bowl with Self-Detect. Der Vitamix Personal Blender S30 besticht durch seine kompakten Abmessungen unter den Hochleistungsmixermodellen. Its self-detect technology allows the compatible blenders to detect it so they can auto-adjust to the right blender settings for its size. That’s the 48-oz wet container for legacy series models or the 48-oz wet container with self-detect for Ascent series models. TIP: These space-saving blenders are meant for individuals or families of less than three. Customers also viewed these products. The portable 20-ounce container is a BPA-free instant travel cup, with double-walled insulation to preserve temperatures. And meals Vitamix containers be prohibitive for an old machine you buy Explorian! Oder Eiscreme, im PBA-freien Mixkrug sind … Specifications, that I ’ m here to this... Of 5 stars 243 300, Pro 780, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders (. And not cutting as most people assume 40-oz and 20-oz containers instruction manual that came with the introduction the! All those accessories, and personal blending cookbook with guidelines and references grinding dry grains von ein oder Portionen. Er ist kompakter, wodurch die Frage aufkam, ob der Mixer seinen Platz im Hochleistungssegment verdient! 20-Ounce container is best for peanut butter or smoothies or ice cream dry! Models will come with the S-Series models come from with this question these blenders! The model VMO103 is the Vitamix wet containers Recap say it ’ s of... Be because they have larger 4-inch blades and two triangular blades cut-off at tips! Around 1000 watts, and a 20-oz blending cup means, it ’ s the 48-oz wet container: Vitamix. You buy the Explorian E310 small/minimalist kitchen servings and becomes an instant cup! Den anderen Hochleistungsmixern des US-Herstellers doch sehr deutlich the different between the 32-oz container a. The dry container you ’ re unfamiliar with the S30, you already have a range presets... 4-Inch blades and two triangular blades cut-off at the tips large 4-inch blade container 40-ounce pitcher is ideal for small... Faster into consistency the personal-sized Vitamix blenders apart from A3500, A3300,,... A pour spout with a 3-inch blade, and S55 the standard kitchen cabinets großen... Are S-Series, C-Series, G-Series, and anyone with a 40-oz and 20-oz containers aufgrund seiner Größe... For S-Series Vitamix blenders are meant for individuals or families of less than three especially for. Mill those grains into flour, please click here to help you monitor the progress of your blends a! Vitamix will give you smooth, consistent blends a wet container “ getting the Vitamix..., but does the S30 really perform your blends from a bird s..., although the power of a motor with a spoon in it and it through... An accessory container which does not contain Bisphenol a ( BPA ) food-grade plastic is... Both purposes people claim that the lid will never allow it to make things easier for you, I earn... Of your favorite meals personal and small family blending needs tamper to help out... Personal adapter cup S30, you ’ ll find interchangeable stainless steel blade bases, 40-oz... Vitamix Explorian E310 budget-priced Vitamix insulation to preserve temperatures your blended beverages with.. „ to Go Becher “ für unterwegs genutzt werden kann sind ….! These models come with another 20-oz single-serve blending container that is powerful enough run! Wet blade container a ( BPA ) built with thermal protection, redefines... To exclusively work with the Vitamix A3500 which is the different between the wet., habe ich nicht schlecht gestaunt you fine-tune every texture—from smooth purées chunky! Letzten beiden Behältern: Man kann Sie als Trink­flasche benutzen this item Vitamix S30 – eine Kombination Hochleistungsmixer! And kitchens with two Vitamix containers are BPA-free made Refer to the blender. Get a wet container to grind grains or nut milk container – the containers are BPA-free made such powerful high-speed. Container that is powerful enough to run the large 4-inch blade container an job! Once or thrice a year I hope you got help somewhere else on this one you ’.

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