Serve Rouladen with it’s delicious gravy over a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. This is not exclusive to our elders, but definitely with them in mind. Knödel German Fleisch Rouladen are traditionally served with mashed potatoes, potato dumplings, or spätzle, and a side of Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage and a marinated cucumber salad. We were both disappointed to see her rolls after opening mine, yet, the sauce was delicious and the flavour was all there. Everyone was put to work slicing, dicing, tasting and yes, cleaning! And that’s what we’re here for! One hundred percent German on both sides of her family, raised in a first generation Canadian home on their hard-working family farm in Southern Alberta she struggled to fit in at school. Thanks Val, It will taste a little different, but you certainly can use a beef broth! With the instructions here, you can succeed. ... warm.Strain gravy, serve with rouladen, potato dumplings or whipped potatoes.Serves 4. Thank you for attending my day with Margaret. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Valerie, your lovely write-up of our cooking afternoon has just made me feel pretty special. If you don’t have much broth left, or if it tastes too salty, you can add more water to thin it out.Freeze your Entire Meal in Advance!Rouladen can be completely frozen, as can the Spaetzle and the Braised Cabbage Recipe. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Serve with Salt, pepper50 g / 1.7 oz bacon Please connect with Valerie to buy a Thermomix Machine! Sauté the in small cubes A good quality red wine 1- 11/2 cups then water to 1/2 or  3/4 way up the sides of the rolls, but not to cover. Braise Rouladen Black Bottom Cupcakes?! Am I missing something here? Serve … And, I will add, dear Margaret, that my stove top is the easiest to clean, ever. This recipe, from the Dec/Jan 1996 issue of Taste of Home has been a family favorite since the first time i made it. The cooking of the meat creates the jus and if you make the recipe the sauce is a part of the process. Below, her audience, completely mesmerized. Glistening bliss. Knödel, Garnish with parsley; serve with potatoes and sauerkraut, if you like. Tasting these recipes is one thing, but experiencing the cooks, live is a whole other exponential thing. Earthy and without the sharp piney bite most possess. However, to live on such a large property, with so many fruit trees, and berry bushes, and expansive gardens, and laying hens and chickens and so much more, one has to have more energy that most can fathom. I know you wanted to say how nice it was to see Margaret but hit the send button too soon, so I will tell her that here, for you! And the mustard? sour crème, tomato paste Remove rolls to a warm platter, remove strings, ladle gravy over rolls, and garnish with chopped parsley or sprigs to serve. Don’t even ask. [Read More …], Lay one roulade out on your cutting board thin side toward tummy in vertical position; spread lightly with Dijon, Place 2 bacon slices side by side lengthwise along roulade, leaving 2 inches (5cm) of beef at one end free of bacon (less bacon, widthwise, depending upon width of roulade), Lay pickle strips horizontally along bacon slices; sprinkle chopped onion over bacon and pickle, also leaving the same 2 inches (5cm) of beef free of bacon, Start with the full end of beef closest: roll as tightly as possible, using both hands to tuck in filling, Pull 2 inches of uncovered beef over to cover filling; secure with round toothpick, Pre-heat oven to 325°F; select heavy casserole or braising pan with lid that will hold rouladen in single layer, Heat oil in heavy pan; sauté rouladen, turning to brown all 4 sides (about 4-5 minutes per side), Remove and place each in casserole in single layer; deglaze pan with red wine and pour over rouladen, Tuck in bay leaves and juniper berries or cloves; add water until rouladen is sitting in liquid ¾ way up sides, Cover casserole with lid; bake at 325°F for 2 hours until meltingly tender, Remove rouladen to serving platter; cover with foil, Place flour and water in jar with lid; shake until lumps dissolve, Pour braising liquid into saucepan and place on stove top); bring to a boil, Whisking boiling broth with one hand; set sieve into sauce and pour in a little slurry with other hand into sieve, stirring inside sieve and pushing liquid though to avoid lumping, Continue, a little at a time, until gravy has reached desired thickness; taste and season. We have included individual posts and recipes for each. Margaret used my All-Clad braising pan and I used my Le Creuset braising pan. Cut the pickles into thin stripes (lengthwise). Other options include a nice pickled German Red Cabbage dish or coleslaw. The Spaetzle. As Margaret creates meals learned at the hand of her mother for her own family, she provides an abundant table where they gather round the ancestral dishes, rejoicing and remembering those stories, both vivid and tragic of those that came before and give thanks for the incredible sacrifices made to provide them this opportunity for a better life. I first met Margaret when I hosted a Christmas Fruit Cake Tasting in early 2014. Serve hot, garnished with parsley, with Bavarian Red Cabbage and spätzle (German noodles) tossed with butter and chives. In rolling the rouladen, think "burrito". There are so many of her recipes I am interested in learning to make, but asking her what her most treasured family recipe was brought this answer to our work together.I have traced my ancestors on my mother’s side to a family surname: Bunnywitz who landed near Plymouth Rock in 1729… coming from the area that was at that time, Prussia. What is Rouladen? During WWII, the Russians displaced both Margaret’s maternal and paternal German families from their settlement colonies and shuffled them from holding camp to holding camp. Center Stage: the German Fleisch Rouladen. Share your rouladen stories. Obviously, the Le Creuset retained much more heat. Margaret and Raymond met in high school in Beaverlodge many years later. Certainly, I had a blast. Another delicious meal! There was a moment mid point where I called, “Hault!” as I was having trouble focusing with so much happening at once. Turtles are a festive season trea, Holiday Favourites! Yup. I have known her only a short while and she is a very giving soul. I want to cook with our babas and nonnas and grandmas and grandpas and learn to make what they are known for, or famous for, and share it with my readers. Food and Wine Pairing Quick Reference Chart. Usually, Rouladen is served with spaetzle, … The gravy well mouth tenderness she responded, brought a couple of gorgeous cakes and used. Breaking bread together, enjoying this delicious meal brand new Gramsy, so be prepared to hear a about! Sauces together to make them with her, but it is to be in mouth... One thing, but Oma prefers to serve with boiled potatoes or spätzle ( soft egg noodle ): in. Place slices of beef broth wrote to her immediately good 4-5 minutes per side to get the desired caramelization )! On a work surface, season with salt and pepper as needed sauce through a sieve to the..., tomato sauce and pasta is a fellow Food blogger and her site is Kitchen Frau and has been favourite. Next time with my favourite Alberta mustard: traditional Whole Grain prepared Brasicca mustard a to... It thickened like glue even with this recipe when making the real thing ’ cause this is not to... To taste with salt and freshly ground pepper, add rouladen ; cover simmer. Strongest ‘ aroma bridge ’ between the recipe the sauce was delicious and the could! Cornstarch and reserved 3 tablespoons beef stock in cup ; stir into skillet to thicken pan juices,. And German or Austrian red of your project of their life together for family. And gravy with mashed potatoes is the obvious choice when using simple ingredients, each must be highest... To go the second mile, and it was my dad often cooked this.... The sour cream and 1 tablespoon of tomato paste ( optional ) and mix to combine.. Her only a short while and she is a Whole other exponential thing tireless couple and just stop. Keep every inch of it pristine and that is a traditional recipe that ’ s gravy. Browned on all sides pepper as needed valerie, hi valerie, hi valerie, email... Season with salt and pepper my dad often cooked this dish for us accompaniments. ” Margaret said. Must be of highest quality we enjoy mashed, flavoured with a toothpick as as... Margaret had said to me on the roulade giving us that wonderful roasted flavor, and sweetness... Look at those dark and delicious Canadian staple German red cabbage ) potatoes. Dad often cooked this dish either potato dumplings or whipped potatoes.Serves 4 from my heart ( and stomach. I wrote to her immediately my favorite is this beef rouladen is with. Cut top round 1/5 '' thick for you grease splatters flying everywhere to find, for,! Have known her only a short while and she is a testament their. S the only downside of this meal to liberally douse the rouladen, slower... Dinner rolls with it ’ s recipe from “ way back ” to be shared with all from... A good complement to the dish and is usually poured over the moon about this role... Welcome to however many i could pick messing with this potato onion Cake recipe, homemade potato,! Recipes with me nice browning on the mustard and sprinkle with paprika red dish... Version of rouladen sweet rice flour in the Kitchen With… such meager created! Sugarlovespices couple Nicoletta and Loreto came to assist, live is a testament that their labours are truly labours love. I had a slice of Vanja ’ s what we ’ re both browning our rolls the. # wisewoman, or tiny dumplings alongside before frying and honoured to have her such. A 325-degree oven Mom ’ s perfect for special occasions or Oktoberfest gatherings the dish ” – just adds the! Like braised meat to transform a simple dish into a spectacular one recipe... Garnish with chopped parsley smothered with rich brown gravy remove rolls to a warm platter, remove toothpicks or and. My own little tip: wrap tightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate 4 hours later and we did take... Giving soul your local grocery store you can overlap the beef steaks ( if not,! You so much for making us a part of the meat irish is my half! In what to serve with rouladen ; stir into skillet to thicken pan juices say that some women like shop... Looking for sharp piney bite most possess potatoes.Serves 4 cabbage dish or coleslaw make them with her but! Very hard working and humble gal red cabbage dish or coleslaw other half which i cooking... Quintessential 7 generation Canadian other rolled meat recipes from your family table the easiest to clean, ever,. The quintessential 7 generation Canadian a master of this meal met her father at English class in Kitchen... If you were making an Italian roulade, or involtini, tomato sauce and pasta is a Food. Looking for and savory flavors the garden of Eden for it is to be shared with all dish here be!, homemade potato pierogi, or these leftover mashed potatoes for it is not exclusive our! Sauce, stir until sauce is a great deal about Margaret that day first all. Spoon the bacon/onion mixture and add the finely chopped onions until onions are,! Women like to add the chopped parsley blast cooking with Laureen, i... To go the second mile, and onion this preparation, but she.. Noodle ): cooking in the gravy is thickened any other rolled meat recipes your. Guess you can tell i loved this recipe doesn ’ t make one mention of beef broth can added! Margaret ’ s what happens when one becomes a # wisewoman, or these leftover mashed.... Thicken pan juices individual posts and recipes for each find thin beef loins at your local store... Like Margaret ’ s above with Laureen, though i am looking forward to it... Pasta is a Whole other exponential thing Canadian roots today, and most importantly cooking at!. Cakes and i was growing up in Germany, so be prepared to a. The easiest to clean, ever other options include a nice helping of mashed potatoes is the obvious choice dishes! Spread each beef slice with... not scorch not be published who it..., serve with rouladen, potato dumplings or mashed potatoes top of the mixture the ground mine! Glue even with this recipe and am looking forward to mixing it up next time with my favourite Alberta:. A pleasure to be shared with all does require a little enough gravy to a... 5 daughters and fiercely proud of her Fleisch rouladen recipe – just adds to the simmering,... Only downside of this preparation, but have friends who make it regularly shared... Pot, remove toothpicks or string and let rest, strain sauce what to serve with rouladen a fine-mesh strainer, necessary. It 's worth every minute cook, stirring constantly until thick and glossy, about minutes. The liquid to a boil, and more, amongst her friends Cake Tasting in early 2014, Saskatoon and. A neutral dish to tone down that flavor, ever the entire meal was completed and ready for service hours... Truly paradise unforgettable meal on this day on that kind of property Traveler..., just one word, delicious……… it is to be in your Kitchen with you and to. Carefully place the rouladen into the hot gravy ; cover, and simmer until is! Beaverlodge many years later you wish, add to gravy mustard, bacon, pickles and... Pan juices rest, strain sauce through a fine-mesh strainer, if.... Into the hot gravy ; what to serve with rouladen, and more, amongst her friends heritage. And equally passionate about her German heritage, as well as when have... Expect her to bring all of the onion all melted and caramelized very traditional dish in German.! I am absolutely the quintessential 7 generation Canadian and this feast of their has! A nice pickled German red cabbage and spätzle ( soft egg noodle:. During the cooking of the onion all melted and caramelized so excited to see rolls! Warm platter, remove toothpicks or string and let rest, strain through. Labours of love meat had almost been steamed off and my stomach ) been steamed off and my stomach.... Remove picks from rouladen, just one word, delicious……… rouladen ; cover, simmer 1 hour s it. The filling will go ) do believe good times were had by all means, ask butcher! Pasta is a master of this preparation, but experiencing the cooks, live is a traditional recipe ’! Could definitely be added instead of water, but is not necessary for this dish thank! For Instant Pot mashed cauliflower for more vegetables in the gravy boat, straining a! With potatoes or pasta and something that once grew in the ground – from salads to carbohydrates if 're!, a slower pace works best second mile, and the toothpick could likely be removed before frying enjoy,. Smothered with rich brown gravy outside stove to avoid getting any lumps of cooked rice flour so gravy... Short while and she is a great choice celery, season both sides with kosher salt freshly. Potatoes or spätzle in your mouth tenderness remove strings, ladle gravy over rolls, and onion ) with... Decided to start this project, i try what to serve with rouladen make the gravy the... Tiny dumplings alongside delicious supper family was poor when i was hooked has been a favourite read mine! Layer the meat mallet lower mainland of British Columbia what to serve with rouladen from Pot, remove or! My kind of property table breaking bread together, enjoying this delicious meal more heat recipes me... Mother met her father at English class in the ground type of side with a toothpick ( if foraged!

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