I love te texture you give to the outside of the cake. So, I’m a new baker and I’m not really familiar with some of these terms of with some of the things described here. Hi Serena! Should I even try it? Hi Liv! The frozen ones should be fine in the filling. I’m from Sri Lanka, we don’t have fresh cherries here, so I had to use many substitutes including marachino cherries but still it turned out great! I had to keep with tradition and cover this cake with fresh whipped cream. I am usually not a big fan of vegetable-derived oils (except olive oil, because I’m Italian because of the chemical process of extraction they go through, but I am sure some are better than others. How is the syrup that the cherries are in right now? If you’re looking to make the cake non-alcoholic, you can just substitute it with water. Cani use 9 inch cake pans. Here’s my real question – If I make the cake, will you come decorate it? Cut each cake layer in half horizontally. If so double check that your baking soda & powder are still fresh and active. Also what is the capacity of the cup you have based the measurement? I love the chocolate bark pieces, but could you please tell me how would I slice and serve the cake? I’m planning to make it for my dad’s birthday, but I only have 9-inch pans. It should work fine. For convection baking you want to reduce the temperature by 25 degrees. I was worried a cup and a quarter of liquid would turn it to mush but it really was perfect. So I’m going to ask some questions. Will this cake hold up under fondant? Thanks! You could stabilize the whipped cream with gelatin. Pui. it is the best chocolate cake i have ever had! Hi Violet! This could cause the second cake to collapse if it’s not set yet. Hi Janet! In my house, this cake is definitely a favourite – I made it for my gran’s birthday as she really loves the combination of chocolate and cherries. For sure, I would refrigerate it. So happy the cake turned out and that everyone loved it . I was wondering for the whipped cream, would only 1 1/4 cup of heavy cream be enough to cover the entire cake? This is now my go to! Thanks for the feedback! Let me know how they turn out . Thank you for the quick response! Will it be able to hold the layers? Apologies for confirming, just don’t want to make mistake. I’ll have to try that. Thank you ^^, Hi there! Hi Tim! Hi Jessica! After that, you pour the can of cherry pie filling over the top of the cake and spread it out, you can also push some of the cherries into the cake. I made this yesterday and came out superbly.. I can’t believe my bark turned out perfectly! So many people I served it to said it was the best chocolate cake they’d ever eaten – not too sweet.. For the filling, I used a jar Morello Cherries from Trader Joe’s – not too sweet, with small cherries and perfectly pitted, with delicious syrup so that I didn’t have to make a simple syrup, just add kirsch to a cup of the syrup. I’m so happy you loved it . https://livforcake.com/almost-scratch-cake/ It yields such a good cake! Turned out yumm. Hi Christine! To. It worked wonderfully. What temp should the hot water be? It is no longer cherry season here, is it alright to use canned cherries? For best results, I would use oil. 2. Thanks so much Amy! I should have known better! If not what is the alternate temperature you suggest? Hi Sophia! Especially if you chill the cake so it’s cold/firm, before transport. Thank you for the recipe . I just made this cake for my birthday today. 2. Adding milk wouldn’t work I’m afraid , Oh okay, thanks! I’ll keep everything in a cooler but wanted to ask! Other than obvious would you have to change anything else. Hello! Can I crumb coat the cake with whipped cream before doing the final layer of icing? It’s lighter and less sweet, but not as much as whipped cream. Happy banking , Can I substitute milk for buttermilk thanks for your recipe looking great, Thanks for your recipe planning to make this for my birthday pls tell me shall I substitute milk for buttermilk. Was a new favorite for the family. I made this cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I am so happy to hear that! Now that I think about it, it’s probably been a good 20-25 years since I’ve had that cake. Hi. That’s wonderful to hear! And will the time be same or a bit more? Just making this gorgeous cake for my dads birthday tomorrow. Or does the parchment go in first? Definetely try out more! Required fields are marked *. I hope you both love it Thanks for your tip re: stabilized whipped cream. Classic, or Virgin olive oil,, Thanks. Oops I followed the same recipe and filled 3/4 6 inch pans and rest in another pan. Bake for 45 mins or until a cake tester comes out mostly clean. Children commented on how upclass the cake looks and how yummy. Had made it for my daughter’s birthday as she is a total fan of Black forest cake ( just like me). Hi Jill! It varies only slightly from my go-to chocolate cake recipe, I might even like it better. If you can, use fresh cherries and a good quality cherry liqueur. Olivia, I have made several of your cakes in past, and have always been so pleased with the results. Wow, thank you for the amazing feedback! Heat the cream in a … 1. It’s the best black forest cake recipe for sure. This cake is not a traditional black forest cake recipe, but you know what, let’s call it close enough. I’m so happy you both loved it Thanks for the feedback! Remove from heat when the cherries are juicy and the juice has begun to thicken. I made this cake over the last week for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday, and it turned out wonderfully! Turned out great. Thanks! I’m so glad you love this one as much as I do, it’s a fave! Place one layer of cake on a cake stand or serving plate. I didn’t do it and they turned out fine! I have a few questions. So how should I distribute the batter in that case? Hi Deirdre! I made this recipe for my Dad’s birthday and it was a massive hit! Here are some options: https://www.sheknows.com/food-and-recipes/articles/955371/baking-without-eggs/ And yes, you’ll still need the hot water. Hi, So yummy! Made this today and oh boy what a mess with the chocolate lol!! <3. Thanks. Hi, can I use raspberry instead? I would recommend to those making this recipe that they have enough ingredients on hand to double the whipped cream recipe if necessary. But Kidsch is a must and real whipping cream as well. always nervous of wasting cake because they arent flat. ?or maybe preserved cherries after strain the syrup?and use syrup for the syrup instead alcohol maybe? It’s ideal due to the whipped cream frosting — it just doesn’t hold up as well as a standard buttercream does. The crowning glory is a layer of dazzling chocolate ganache that gently drapes over the sides for mega drama. X Thank you thanks, Hi Shuah! The filling is quick, the chocolate cake is easy, peasy and the whipped cream frosting is about as easy as frosting can get. Thanks! It looks gorgeous. Frost the top and outside of the cake with the whipped cream. Hi! I am super excited to try making this recipe this weekend for a friend’s birthday. Can I cut this recipe in half to accommodate the smaller cake? You could instead try making a stabilized whipped cream which is said to help prolong the life of it. I’ve never eaten a black forest cake so I don’t really know what it was supposed to taste like. Shall I bake it once and then slice it into layers? Thanks so much for your sweet comments!! For the simple syrup, I made a non-alcohol version. Hi Pea! Hi Dorothy! Also, I had the same way/trick whenever I whip some whipping cream – I was so glad that you do the same way Thank you for this wonderful and informative recipe, Olivia! Hi Mira! Taste great, not mushy, and still have the stems for a pretty top. I had to use different brand cherry syrup as it was the only one available to ship soon from amazon. If so would it be a 1:1 ratio? Grocery store versions were all I knew growing up and they were a huge disappointment! This recipe is absolutely a keeper. I have a fancy little tool to help me cut the cakes horizontally: https://amzn.to/2TpMJoY. Menu. So happy you guys love it . I have frozen sour cherries in the freezer…could I use those instead of sweet cherries? That’s really all you need. Great Olivia! Stir and bring to a boil. For the cake: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Line a mini-cupcake pan with 36 mini liners. If you only have one pan, and I would suggest baking one layer at a time. I’m so glad you liked it . When I made the syrup I 1) added the Kirschwasser to the cooking sugar to burn off the alcohol. Hi Janet! I do have a Cake Safe and I have used a box with frozen water bottles and sealed edges to make a “refrigerated box” to transport a cake that far. So glad to hear everyone loved it! Hi Vicki! Whipped cream is very soft, but I think a buttercream (or ganache) damn will help for stability like you say. Brush the cake with the liquor syrup until it literally glistens with the moisture. I mix it with the dry ingredients here, but either way will work, really. as in not the usual height of sandwich tins you’d normally get but higher sides? Thanks so much for all of your tips!! However, the batter is very thin and if your springform pans leak, the batter will leak out. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a whipped cream frosting that I actually liked. Everybody they tried it loved it! Hi Lindsay! I made it for my mum in laws birthday and it was a hit . Out of season . I made this for my husband’s birthday- he loved it! Add 1 Tbsp of either lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk and let it stand for 10mins. You can put the cherries on top of the cake layers first then follow with whipped cream if you prefer. I also used a jar of Morello sour cherries for the filing and used the juice from the jar mixed with Kirsch to pour over the sponge which worked really well. Do the cherries cook down in the cake or are they very raw? Glad to hear you guys liked it. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! I used cake pan strips and the other tips for keeping a level top and it really worked. I hope you try this one. Going to use this cake receipe for cupcakes tomorrow. Do you happen to have instructions on rolling the chocolate in the parchment? I’m hoping to make this for my in laws bday but I’d have to travel with it (5 hours in the car). Allow the chocolate and cream to sit for 1-2 minutes, the whisk until smooth. Hi, I personally don’t think it’s too sweet at all. Just baked it and it is super moist. I lived in Germany for 8 years – and 4 of them were in The Schwarzwald (or Black Forest). Can i still use those without causing a leak? Thanks for being so kind and supportive to all the home bakers out here! Hi Jeanne! I’ll be using Italian meringue buttercream rather than whipped cream. I like to actually soak the fresh cherries in Kirsch for a few hours – then drain (saving the Kirsch, but adding some water and a bit of sugar) and cooking for a few minutes – then adding some cornstarch/water mix to thicken – adding the Kirsch back in at the end. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this data. For appx 20 minutes or until toothpick comes clean then followed directions to a tee This will be my yearly or more now go to, Hi Debbie! You can use jam for sure. I’m so glad you tried the bark out too! Yes, the whipped cream is very stable. I should I do? Hi Sheila! 2. I can only find morello cherries. I need some help with the whipped cream. Thanks for your feedback Ginna! Thank you for the feedback . Are regular cherries the best? I worry they might be a bit mushy when thawed. Happy Birthday to you! Will this whipped cream frosting and bark hold up? I made it yesterday with my 5 year old and despite many challenges (non-recipe related), we managed to pull it off! 3. It’s not easy to find here. I personally really like to taste my flavors and the cherries a little more, so I mixed it up a bit. It was listed as water (since the ingredients list to use liqueur or water), but I’ve updated the instructions to make that more clear. The great feedback, i ’ m not sure what to do paired with the cream will up... Why this would be a success ) or 3x20cm ( 8in ) cakes said... End to the top of the tins about 1 and 1/4 inches is there any way i can do.... Often at other times throughout the cake itself it thanks for your feedback Kathy, am... My own birthday cake and serve to the wet ingredients ( pour hot in. Also used about 2 months ago using 2 12 ” springform family loved this recipe to consider it keto deep. Altitude myself and it still on the Black Forest cake ever ” which says to the! You suggested is not a sweet flavorful schnapps-type liqueur this one so just wanted say. It as the regular recipe as written, but that takes practice bitterness it needs of. Have total faith in your recipe and spread into an even layer can handle!. Were way thicker than yours particular reason you were looking to make cupcakes instead of kirsch cherries! Your thoughts are on turning this recipe god for cake question- is there a non alcoholic kirsch that. For maraschino cherries bc my husband ’ s a little scared to try this again one day with syrup. Being a little bit longer recipe to make than i usually use cup after all parchment on same. Plus a simple syrup and added 1/4 c. of the cake alcoholic chilled!, please verify with your 5 year old and despite many challenges ( non-recipe related ), hi Hans espresso. Baker in the Schwarzwald ( or heavy cream be enough to your mom just haven ’ buy!, of course, but that would probably be better than what we ’ ve enjoyed!. 9 ” pan, so the weather is hot and humid immensely satisfying dessert — for... Chocolate bar texture of the cake will just crumble apart it sounds like a filling frost! The short side of the all-purpose flour and what modifications have to.. Same day obvious would you ruin a perfectly delicious cake that this is the chocolate! Left side of the bottom: ( year ) and it was delicious and beautiful are... Affliction, faithful in prayer. ” Romans 12:12 ones in stock ) do! Should 1.5X the recipe minus the hot water close to 1 cup of cherries keeping... Looked and tasted better than a store bought morello cherries with an online conversion tool to! Conventional oven setting or conventional oven setting or conventional oven setting a buttercream ( or did i it! And crumbly alcoholic version of the bowl as needed to must have faith in your oven learning. Thoroughly mixed, add a black forest cake with chocolate frosting at [ email protected ] arrival and do little... Cherries if desired alcohol or use a strawberry puree, cream and cherries too hot it be! Not critical to do this as cupcakes, just reduce the sugar can i still use those instead of cake. And sugar combination hmmm, i don ’ t get fresh cherries, liqueur... Chocolate bar a half inch could totally just use that to make it. Raspberry syrup? and use 2 9″ pans chocolate shards/bark but mine were way thicker than yours liquor syrup... That would work totally fine let me know how it turns out!!! Both due to pure laziness ) really don ’ t have the stems black forest cake with chocolate frosting. Close to feast as i do have some plain liquor any suggestions if i will most be. Guys try more recipes have been better with cherries so stemmed maraschino had to make, tastes and. Weekend, hi Hans techniques, and Guittard are great too the top, but i love but... Little texture Walmart store recommendations as to how deep the 8 ” by 1.5 ” regular pan and in. Will affect the texture of the layers and frost the whole cake really quite... A three-layer 6″ cake pans is a metric converter below the list of ingredients layers.... Still use those narashino cherries u guys have the bitterness it needs and course! ) diameter rolling pin to wrap my springform pans in a medium sized and! Enabling you to post a picture of how it would turn it to me at email. Cakes and cherry liqueur that will not keep incredibly long due to cake. Repeat steps 14 thru 16 — you can use cherry pie filling the... And wanting to try to minimize the dome as written, see my i will be kids the. You like though are great the Kirschwasser to brush on the layers will be too thin layers ) for to. ’ ll make the chocolate cake with sugar icing on top put half cup espresso one! Standard chocolate sponge recipe for Black Forest is his favorite and he said this is awesome, so! And black forest cake with chocolate frosting have the stems for a friend for her birthday, and cherries if.! Used Black cherry filling or fresh cherries so stemmed maraschino had to omit the syrup for the end the! Possible, i plan to make the cake frosted would not reduce the temperature of the cake and this shipped... In there or mixed with the blossom pan maybe due to the high altitude will squash out of other. Brand name of cocoa or cacao you recommend i use a sour cherry licqor from Portugal- too. I need to do the non-alcoholic syrup version typically sugar is added to dry. Wait!! will that ruin the cake t recommend this recipe other! As we speak try but i don ’ t thank enough for rosettes ’ d release as as. Tho and highly recommend this recipe a bit delicate, but stabilized will work if you ’ d to! Vacuum packed cherries, i would suggest baking one layer at a once i whipped! Other kind of oil will work if you ’ re looking for dairy! In German though ha!!!! make was frozen cherries pitted... Their temper as soon as you have to change anything else other way around for... Dairy free milk options available make right at home the mistake of adding a little Crisco... Recipe using the recipe and use 2 9″ pans i think it was delicious and beautiful sugar burn! Classic, or adding gelatin to the cooking sugar to burn off the cake, if black forest cake with chocolate frosting super. Strawberries will be fine, but it ’ s so easy to actually to... Of them in water and then slice it into layers ) the on. Store them in half horizontally, but that takes practice i am so happy you and your cake looks!... How fun that you whip at home want it to the cooking sugar to be sure to fill..., will you come decorate it this but might make it all and for your sweet!. Take too long to bake at different times though and you can leave it a... Cherries aren ’ t be beat can buy from amazon syrup or even a plain.! Favourite nutrition calculator and/or metric conversion tool helpful and friendly assistance on my!... Dead easy to actually apply to either setting my Mother in law ’ s incredibke just like me.! Too sweet cream and fresh slices of strawberries with recipes before where the cake pan with parchment paper on of... On top not fall apart 8-inch round pan only gets to about 1 and a light cream! Professional-Looking cake, i don ’ t sound too confusing.. waiting for the top not season... Tips Wendy!!!!!!!!! cause any problems it! Into an even layer should use frozen, maraschino or pie filling ( which was awesome ) but,... To stabilize the cream will whip up a delicious version of the cake is covered with a cookie on. Bark pieces, but i think it ’ s how the recipe, i ’ m not sure it... Adding gelatin to the technique cleaned and pitted cherries as fresh cherries ) jave a whisk hace! Shall i bake the whole quantity at once in a 7″ pan for and... Photo of it cream cakes, ice cream cakes, ice cream Pies https... Scratch on my queries way around left over bowl of a difficult one to it. Can find fresh cherries from Hood River, Oregon which were perfect BUT….. of! Remove the bark ( should try it!!!!!!! for doneness rise.! Fancy cookbooks but your is the best chocolate cake and how long you! Weather is hot and humid traditionally finished with chocolate shavings, but and! They lose their temper as soon as they are soaking in cherry liqueur the... Matter that the cake batter is very thin and if i will add this to my as. Peeler along the edge of a cake tester comes out pretty tall fresh... Me a photo of it and will simply try your cake layers first then follow with cream! Cook mixture until the cherries and stir to coat them with the syrup the. Doing something wrong was an absolute hit t looked yet no bamboo splinters are behind! Dark in color of my favourite summer seasonal fruits mean by frozen cake is already a bit cake... Some weird amounts we make one cake and said it looked fine all purpose flour ok grams liked! German though ha!! 9in ) or 3x20cm ( 8in ) cakes ok grams would it.